Natural Dye For My Hypothetical Line

So, in my developmental drawing class, our final project is to design a line and stuff without actually making it. we need fabric swatches, and since i plan on doing natural dye, I’ve been dying pieces of silk. i accidentally made all the same colours just in two different pallets… oops!
i am going to number them going from left to right, top row first.
1. 2. 3. 4
5. 6. 7. 8
1. Purple Logwood with Vinegar and Alum
2. Curry with Alum
3. Madder and Curry with Alum
4. Cochineal and Alum
5. Onion Skins
6. Berry Green Tea and Curry with Alum
7. Madder and Alum
8. Purple Logwood and Alum
If you want to make any of these, you can buy alum in the grocery store in the spices section. you simply place the dye stuff in a pot with alum, and bring to a simmer. put the fabric in the pot with it (make sure you wash it! wool and silk dye better than cotton) and allow it to simmer until fabric reaches desired darkness. most of these were in a bath for about an hour. They are also safe for cooking pots!
which set of colours do you like the best? top or bottom? or a mixture of the two?
Today i bought Jeggings (jeans/leggings hybrid). i didn’t think they were for me until i found a pair of boot cut ones, and they are so comfortable! my body shape doesn’t flatter skinny jeans (think icecream cone), so i never thought they would be for me. button fly, why did i never notice how uncomfortable you were until now?

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