Things I’m Working On

I’m sorry i’ve had such a boring blog blog lately. Since it is summer vacation, i have been baking instead of sewing! haha. i need a bit of a textiles break.

I discovered Joy The Baker recently, and if you are a foodie, I definetly recommend everything on her site! so far I have made Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart BreadOrange and Dark Chocolate SconesSoft Pretzels, aaaand S’Mores Brownies. THEY WERE ALL INCREDIBLE AND DELICIOUS! nomnomnomnom. She has some gluton free options as well, made using coconut flour I believe for all you flour free kids.

I have also been sketching an obscene amount but none of it is good enough to bother showing you.

OH! I know, i’ll show you a painting i am doing for my mom.

This is what i am painting off of, its a pretty damaged photo of my mom and three of her siblings. She wanted it done for my grandmother for Christmas, and since i am so busy during the year from University i am doing it now! (my mom is the far right).
This is what i have so far. putting it up on the internet is making me see how much work it needs!
I’m sorry for my recent dull posts. I promise i will post something exciting soon, once i get my butt in gear!

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