Silk, Silk, Silk, Silk!

So, when I dyed the purple cotton for one of my wearable art show dresses seen here when i was finished,  I threw two meters of silk crepe I had kicking around my apartment into the dye bath. I think it’s two meters… anyway, I forgot it there for a while *cough, three days…cough* and it turned a really lovely colour, and I have been trying to think of what i should make with it.

I have dyed lots of real silk in samples, but I have never really owned anything made of actual silk (with the exception of this awesome yellow vintage mini dress I have that has real silk organza on the shoulders and hem). What should I make out of this lovely fabric? Its not the super shiny silk. It has a barely noticeable orange peel texture to it. It is also obscenely wrinkly, which always happens when i hand dye things…. i’ll get the wrinkles out, I promise.

This is the silk. I was too lazy to find my camera and load the pictures, so I used my webcam (I know, I know). But when I put it up to my webcam it kept trying to autocorrect the colour and made it look really really blue. but when I was in it, it was a lot closer to the real colour… which is still less blue than this. BUT WHATEVER, this is the wonderful silk. AND ME! There is nothing better than being wrapped up in silk (except for maybe alpaca, that stuff is wonderful!)
These are my relatively new glasses my momma got me for my birthday a month and a half ago. Since i am halfway to legally blind without, I get new frames every three or four years, but the store had a sale so i got these for a pretty discounted price. SWEET! For any of you who don’t actually know me, i’m sorry if you had me imagined all different.
 I would have one of those blogs where I show you what I wear, but as a student who was raised by people who wear whatever happens to be around them, my wardrobe is fine, but definetly not fashion blog worthy and could use an update.. all clothes have paint or dye or pigment on them. I literally just folded my tshirts and every single one had a spot of something on it. Its also dwindling since I keep sending things to salvation army for a) the discount card to buy more clothes, and b) I have a really small apartment and share a closet with boyfriend.
I have finally found myself a job for anyone in blog land who was concerned about it, (I know, you were all terribly concerned) as a banquet server for the summer. My three weeks of unemployment have led me to two and a half sketchbooks of doodles. I’ll show you some webcam pictures of those too. They are definetly quantity over quality, which shows in that two and a half sketchbooks I have less than a dozen drawings i’ll put up on here. (holy crap ,webcam pictures upload fast! i usually use 10 megapixel images in case my computer crashes then they are all backed up on this blog).
i like the last one, but its a bit rough. The paper on that book is see through so you can see some stuff showing through.
what should I do with the purple silk? 

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