So, I know how to spin wool. I learned at my job last summer and the summer before at a historic house where we had to wear costumes and give tours. Instead of dealing with mean tourists or messing up the cash register, i could sit below a window and picturesquely spin wool all day.

As you most likely know, i am in textiles. This is my spinning wheel i have in my apartment. I spin alpaca on it, but i don’t really make anything out of them because i am an inexperienced knitter, and have no idea how to crochet .

I recall last summer someone showing me this strange contraption that allows you to knit when you have no idea what the hell you are doing. Its a circle with these pegs, and it allows you to make hats.
has anyone tried this thing? i thought i might make one myself….. i mean…. all it is is some pegs on a circular thing. We’ll see. Does anyone know any sites to help people learn to knit?

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