AND finally something i am working on!

SO i know i have been basically on blog vacation. A lot of shit has gone down involving unemployment, employment, unemployment, employment, comission, robbery, illness, etc.

basically, shit went down.

HERE I AM AGAIN with things i am doing!

i’ve been doodling like nuts again, and have been playing around with line ideas just for fun.

so for those who don’t remember or didn’t follow me then, i made this really weird plastic dress for my Fiber Fabric Fashion conceptual plastic class when we had to make a dress out of material that wasn’t actually fabric or purchased. so i went plastic bag and hot glue gun crazy. there is even a zipper in that bad boy. Also, we had to emphasis something about ourselves, hense the hood (i am a shortay).

Here are some reminder pictures AND this links to the original post about it.

you have no idea how much hot glue and masking tape was used in the creation of this. 

so, i have been wanting to try this with fabric and would start and just give up. but lately i have been playing with an idea of a line based on this. so here are some sketches my friends! 
 this is my current sketchbook. I want to reproduce with it and have shiny textile babies



red pen, always classy 

fabric ideas, messy writing 

eh, just some ideas floatin’ around guys.

all photos are original to Katrina Craig. Please give credit (linkback, url, name, whatever) if used and do not use for money making endeavors without permission. thanks guys!

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