AND finally something i am working on!

SO i know i have been basically on blog vacation. A lot of shit has gone down involving unemployment, employment, unemployment, employment, comission, robbery, illness, etc.

basically, shit went down.

HERE I AM AGAIN with things i am doing!

i’ve been doodling like nuts again, and have been playing around with line ideas just for fun.

so for those who don’t remember or didn’t follow me then, i made this really weird plastic dress for my Fiber Fabric Fashion conceptual plastic class when we had to make a dress out of material that wasn’t actually fabric or purchased. so i went plastic bag and hot glue gun crazy. there is even a zipper in that bad boy. Also, we had to emphasis something about ourselves, hense the hood (i am a shortay).

Here are some reminder pictures AND this links to the original post about it.

so, i have been wanting to try this with fabric and would start and just give up. but lately i have been playing with an idea of a line based on this. so here are some sketches my friends!


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