Vines Crawl, Body Restrained

Vines Crawl, Body Restrained
Naturally dyed silk, naturally dyed silk cotton blend

The winding patterns of the Gunnera Manicata leaf are my inspiration for this work. As I looked at the delicate veins, they began to remind me of vines or ivy. Vines grow around structures, changing their appearance and constricting their natural growth and movement below. I’ve subtly restricted the movement of the wearer to create the impression that when they stopped moving, the dress has grown around them and is constricting their movement. To mimic the texture of the leaf, I’ve created a pattern with meandering lines and used different sizes of piping and stitching through the fabric to create a texture to represent different vein sizes in the leaves. All of the fabrics are naturally dyed by hand to allow for slight variation in the shades of the colour throughout.

Photos by Darren Pottie

1 Comment

  1. What a great job on making your vision come to life. I saw the fashion show but this gives a greater clarity to what you were trying to create. I think a good addition to the show would be power points like this one included in the show. Bravo!


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