Cycles of Work

Self care as a young artist who works full time in a professional type field is challenging sometimes. The hardest part for me is trying to do… The rest of my life, like exercising and cooking myself food…cleaning…

It’s easy to get caught up in cycles of going right from your day gig to staying up late writing grants or spending five hours after work embroidering something while watching house of cards. Alternatively, I can get caught up in ‘the little things’ and spend months going to the gym and making homemade granola bars and feel completely unfocused and unfulfilled so I dust off the dye pot.

Part of the charm is the last minute hustle for everything, keep working and adding until the buzzer goes off and you click ‘submit’ or drop off something you’ve been working on. It’s exciting and indulgent, yet thoroughly exhausting both mentally and physically.

I drew the above diagram to explain to my friend how I haven’t found any balance in my life. Maybe that’s the point.



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