Trepidation and Anxiety, A Women’s March: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Wow. North America has flipped upside down in the last 12 days. Up here in Canada we aren’t feeling the impact of the newest election as harshly or directly as our neighbours to the south, but there is a thick feeling of trepidation and anxiety in that we share a border with a highly armed superpower. Changes that occur in the United States have ripples in the surrounding countries, as the tragic attack in Quebec have shown us.

January 21st I participated in a women’s march along with millions of other men and women worldwide in solidarity with Washington in Winnipeg. It was an inclusive event with speakers from the indigenous people of Manitoba, LGBT community, and Black Lives Matter. The NEWC Buffalo Gals drummers lead the march with the request that the privileged women of the group to allow those most impacted by oppression to lead the group. It was a powerful day for all of those involved and had an outstanding feeling of unity

In the days following I had to debate and defend feminism and what it aims to do to several people. My frustration grew from hearing people say that they don’t need feminism, they are equal, feminism is man-hating. I started to stitch some pieces about violence against women this week in frustration and to feel productive while reading news articles about people being stripped of their human rights south of the border.



In 2015 there were 83 intimate partner homicides in Canada. 67 victims were female, and 16 of them were male, Silk and Cotton

70% of spousal violence in Canada is not reported to the police, Cotton.

Every six days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. Indigenous women are six times more likely to be killed than any other ethnicity in Canada, Wool and Cotton.

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