A Wordmark From a Dear Friend

dear friend Lizane made me this gorgeous wordmark, read about her process for designing it below from her instagram :

Logo for my dear friend, @katrinamjcraig who is a textile artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Her textile work explores the physical and emotional experiences we all have but rarely talk about, or reveal only to those closest to us. I would describe her art as brave, sentimental and honest –expressed in often arduous processes and addressing complex emotional experiences through physical labour.

When we first talked about a word mark, my thoughts immediately pointed towards cradling, embracing shapes —much like the way her work explores how our experiences fit and curve into the overall shape of who we are. She wanted a mark that was timeless, clean and reflective of her values. In developing this mark I wanted to make sure it felt equally weighted, yet flowing and interconnected at the same time.

Explore her work at http://www.katrinacraig.ca, my favourite is “An Investigation into Objects of Heartbreak and Grief” (where the second image is from). katrinacraig_logo

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