My Heart Pounding

I Love to talk, but I don’t like to talk about my feelings. I would prefer to have them tucked into a neat little box where I can keep them from myself and the world.
My work with the heartbreak objects has been a struggle and a departure from the work I’ve done in the past. For me to be vulnerable is an act of rebellion. A courageous protest against being told that your feelings are wrong. Against worrying that you and your experiences can be used against you. That if you only did more, were more, that you could (one day) (with lots of work) become someone worthy of narrating your own story without fear.Someone who is addressed in my own objects the series said  “you’ve spent a lot of time airing your dirty laundry.”  Every time I post a piece or progress shot from this series and write a caption my stomach is in knots. It goes against every instinct in my anxious mind to release such personal information into the universe. In opening my project to other people’s objects, I’ve also opened myself to their vulnerability, grief and shame. I have never felt more privileged and humbled  than connecting with their experiences and trust. I’m here with you, my heart pounding.


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