What I’m Looking at Right Now

MOUTHFEEL by Emily Lawrence and Kylie Dyment

“MOUTHFEEL co-opts the pornographic lens in order to create a collaborative immersive video installation that envisions what it would look like if objects could be brought to orgasm. While fantasizing Martha Stewart high on ecstasy and stuck in the dollar store, these video vignettes are short and seductive investigations of plastic flaccid masterbatatertots, gluts and morning glory, a kitschful dismissal, a jestural chesthairfeeled, a handbook of gelatinous handjobs, an appetight squeeze, the baroque and the broken feminist anti-manifesto and antici…pasta.”

How a Harvard Professor Makes Transforming Toys and Designs

“Chuck Hoberman’s eponymous sphere is one of the best-loved toys of the last quarter century. But it’s only one example of his incredible work in transformable design. From adaptive nanotech to flexible building materials, Hoberman has created surprising and inventive designs at every scale”

Why Are Things Creepy?

Find out what makes things creepy (It’s often looking *almost*)

How to be Warm

“Being polite isn’t enough to win one friends. We also need to learn the art of being warm: this begins with having the right sort of relationship to our own weaknesses and foibles” This video is such a lovely description of why *trying* to make people like us may not be the best approach.

I Made a Movie. It Stunk

“In 2013, I shot a film called “Sprouting Orchids”. Here’s a retrospective about the production. If you’re a first-time filmmaker, you need to watch this.” Watching other creatives struggle can help you learn, and also can help you be easy on yourself in this era of only showing our success. Also, an incredibly well made video about making a terrible movie.

Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Homemade Instant Raman

“Claire. Is. Back. AGAIN. And this time she is attempting to make gourmet instant ramen. Everybody loves instant ramen, with its ludicrously salty, umami-rich spice packets and its impossibly wavy fried noodle bricks. Can Claire make a fancy version of this 70%-of-your-daily-sodium snack?” I love watching Claire attempt to make something from scratch. Her grit and trial-and-error is watching the creative process at work. Try try try again!

The Case for Conceptual Art

“Sometimes art is paintings, and sometimes it’s a chair. Why? Let’s learn about “Conceptual Art,” where the idea is more important than the form.” The Art Assignment explains art and art history for those without a degree in Art History.

“Hello boys. Let’s talk about bone structure.” a queer trans woman talking about incels from a perspective of someone who (in their words) Has been: a man who slept with woman, a man who slept with men, a woman who slept with men AND a woman who slept with women.

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