Paper Knitting, Wire Skull

I feel like I’m starting to defrost after so much time with myself during quarantine. It started out with me bursting with tense energy. I had just come down from such a challenging year. Fast paced-stressful-chaotic. Maybe a stressful decade ending in a global pandemic. You know, the works.

A lot of my recent projects recently have been incredibly long in duration-Years spent making them. I typically break the projects into smaller sections.I complete one aspect from start to finish. then begin the next. While this might not be as efficient, it gives me a little “micro boost” to complete something.

I started this over a year ago. I initially had planned to make a large tube, big enough to put a body in. The paper and knitting room combo while beautiful, was exceptionally challenging to work with. I ended up with a mask. Who’d know the following year, masks would be “top of mind”.

Wire reminds me of fibre-it has structure and body with certain treatment, tango building form. An acrylic pour later, and you have an armature.

This piece doesn’t photograph well altogether, but I love the space and illusion with layers of transparent or cut-out material. A lightness.

I guess people will have to see it in real life, with real eyeballs, sometime.

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