Home and Garden

Maritime Back Room

This room feels a bit “maritime” in the deep blue on some of the walls, the rest a light grey. A crochet rope cover on the half silver light bulb a little “buoy” looking. The red wool the red soil. Deep water meets rocks over the pantry curtain. Patchwork field railing. I haven’t been home […]

Lawn to Garden, Early Stages

Some process photos of the first few stages of front lawn-to garden-transition. There were already two beds in front of the house, and the two freestanding boxes when we moved in. I removed the sod, dug out the front beds, and made the wooden edging, staining it to match the boxes. I dug out the […]

Indoor Sanctuary

So the plants just keep getting bigger and bigger, and the light they need keeps expanding. Our new house is close to the homes beside it, so the side windows get very little light. It’s long and narrow, back windows facing northwest, and the front window facing southeast. Southeast, but with a sunroom blocking it. […]

Sprouts and Sunrooms

Our sunroom is south facing, and none of the windows open. I scraped the sunroom, primed and repainted the frames, ceiling and walls to cover up some old water damage. This place needs a replacement in the future, so I painted the walls a deep purple, to cover up some texture. I added the long […]

Scraping the Sunroom

I recently got new glasses. Not just frames, my prescription got a lot worse. Suddenly, the sunroom’s peeling paint became a lot more noticeable…. The sunroom was water damaged at some point. The roof likely leaked and they fixed the roof, but left the interior. The ceiling and window frames REALLY needed a scrape and […]

Mosaic Tile Island

A puzzle you make as you go along. And who doesn’t want to hit tiles with a hammer? The island originally had wood laminate with sheets of glass tiles epoxied on, no grout, painted over with the wall colour (twice). I picked up these tiles pre-lockdown at the Re-Store, perfect for smashing. I didn’t like […]

Basement Railing Weaving

I used up my stash of hand spun and/or natural dye yarn to cover this railing. While it’s fine, it doesn’t go with the style of the rest of the house…. and the wool quota was running critically low. Real wool has such a beautiful depth and shine. the northwest window has a beautiful even […]

Kitchen Fun

What to do with a quite beat up kitchen in a pandemic. Some fun paint and “shale” waterproof contact paper to update it for the time being, and something fun I would never do on nice new kitchen cabinets. Next up is a nice foggy blue tile on the backsplash and island, but that is […]

The Old, The New

A Big Thing is happening. Or at this point, has happened. This summer our cases dropped to zero, and we coasted until they pushed back up to critical levels. We bought an urban cottage in that low interim, a whirlwind of masks, houses, packing and cleaning in a matter of weeks to get in before […]

Mordant Block Printing

I used to do really craft based work. Somewhere along the line I stopped working with fibre quite as much, and started using alternative materials. Mordant printing uses a thickener and heat to selectively place mordants (In this case I used alum and iron) into fabric, so when put into the pot, the natural dyes […]

Where Are My Lady Bugs?

Where are all my ladybugs? every summer I let my dill go to flower and allure all of the pretty red ladies to my flowers to lay their eggs. Their babies, gross larve with long legs, eat a truly incredible volume of aphids and spider mites. This year we have none. The bees just found […]

Plants and Pollinators: Winnipeg, Manitoba

The magic of soil, water and sunshine creating a new ecosystem. Bees and monarch eating nectar, aphids and spider mites eating the leaves, lady bugs and wasps eating the aphids and spiders (and staying out of our drinks).

Among the Marigolds

I bought African Marigolds this year by accident, but the happiest accident. I’m just trying to blend in and not make too many waves

Growing Forms, Free Standing

Growing Forms Fuzzy and Prickly, Smooth and rough, soft and hard, air and earth. Cacti and plants living in pots with decorative yarn outsides, soft and prickly, smooth and fuzzy. Containing nature through structure and forms. Wool, Soil, Living Plants. 2018

Growing Forms: Hanging

Growing Forms Fuzzy and Prickly, Smooth and rough, soft and hard, air and earth. Cacti living in textile and soil pods, watered through the permeable layer of crochet wool containing roots and soil. Containing nature through structure and forms. Wool, Soil, Living Plants. 2018

An Emerging Green Thumb

When I was a kid, I loathed gardening. I grew up in a rural area of Prince Edward Island and my parents are really into maintaining their four big gardens full of vegetables. As a kid, my take on gardening was having to weed gardens, shovel top soil and make relish and pickles that I […]