Spinning Slubby Wool

Spinning Fleecemaiden hand spun wool, plied with a fine, mohair and silk blend. Slubby plied wool looks like macaroni or pasta, yes?

Mosaic Tile Island

A puzzle you make as you go along. And who doesn’t want to hit tiles with a hammer? The island originally had wood laminate with sheets of glass tiles epoxied on, no grout, painted over with the wall colour (twice). I picked up these tiles pre-lockdown at the Re-Store, perfect for smashing. I didn’t like […]

Basement Railing Weaving

I used up my stash of hand spun and/or natural dye yarn to cover this railing. While it’s fine, it doesn’t go with the style of the rest of the house…. and the wool quota was running critically low. Real wool has such a beautiful depth and shine. the northwest window has a beautiful even […]

Kitchen Fun

What to do with a quite beat up kitchen in a pandemic. Some fun paint and “shale” waterproof contact paper to update it for the time being, and something fun I would never do on nice new kitchen cabinets. Next up is a nice foggy blue tile on the backsplash and island, but that is […]

Repeating Patterns

It’s been a while, repeating patterns. I used to make a lot of these, they are incredibly tedious to make by hand and I don’t have a light table these days. I got a piece of tech that replicates drawing on paper, and the interest (obsession) has returned. The following 9 repeating patterns were made […]

Mordant Block Printing

I used to do really craft based work. Somewhere along the line I stopped working with fibre quite as much, and started using alternative materials. Mordant printing uses a thickener and heat to selectively place mordants (In this case I used alum and iron) into fabric, so when put into the pot, the natural dyes […]

An Acorn Hat

So like everyone else in the world I’ve been social distancing, and playing my all time favourite video game…. Animal Crossing. And my favourite accessory in my favourite game is the acorn knit hat. So let’s make one! A quick hand-spun chunky wool crocheted and natural dyed with onion skin and alum.

Spinning Wool, Social Distancing

Social Distancing, what a strange concept. What a strange time. I spin the majority of my yarn myself to control the aesthetic, I love the meditative process, and it saves a lot of money on 100% wool special yarn. I ran out of yarn right before the state of emergency in Manitoba, so I got […]

Among the Marigolds

I bought African Marigolds this year by accident, but the happiest accident. I’m just trying to blend in and not make too many waves

Bubbles: Art City, True Colour

I love playing with weird materials, trying to figure them out. Some dollar store ball pit balls. Needle and thread? nope, too rigid. Using interfacing and the end of a hot glue gun to grommet them? Works like a charm. the shape controlled by the orientation of the balls in relation to each other. This […]

Tablet Weaving and Warming Weather: Russell, MB

We got the car stuck when we stopped to take the outdoor photos. The weather had warmed up, and we sunk down a few inches. The car wheels kept spinning. A kind stranger who knows how to push a car out helped us push it out, and we were back on the road in ten […]

Growing Forms, Free Standing

Growing Forms Fuzzy and Prickly, Smooth and rough, soft and hard, air and earth. Cacti and plants living in pots with decorative yarn outsides, soft and prickly, smooth and fuzzy. Containing nature through structure and forms. Wool, Soil, Living Plants. 2018

Growing Forms: Hanging

Growing Forms Fuzzy and Prickly, Smooth and rough, soft and hard, air and earth. Cacti living in textile and soil pods, watered through the permeable layer of crochet wool containing roots and soil. Containing nature through structure and forms. Wool, Soil, Living Plants. 2018

Extreme Cold Warnings and Natural Dye: McCreary, Manitoba

Extreme Cold Warning: Clear. Increasing cloudiness overnight. Wind north 20km/h light early this evening. Low minus 31c.Wind chill near minus 41c. Frostbite in minutes. Taking an ice drive to McCreary Manitoba to facilitate a natural dye workshop. I had to put the supplies in the back seat of the car so the supplies didn’t freeze […]

Module Shapes Research

OK so I was at a meeting where they made these paper Christmas ornaments. I was really into them and made about 10 during the meeting, and realized they made really interesting shaped modules that fit into each other. I am making some larger ones out of paper by simply scaling up the small one […]

Norva Artist Retreat: Flin Flon, MB and Denare Beach, SK

I went to Flin Flon MB and Denare Beach SK for a week long artist retreat where I would be a guest artist and hosting a workshop. I had no idea what my next week would look like when I got there. My favourite thing about visiting new places is getting to know people who […]

Cochineal Clouds: Natural Dye Dreaming

Two centuries ago no one could have imagined that something as valuable as cochineal, ranked alongside gold and silver as one of the great treasures of the Spanish empire, would eventually be forgotten,” explains historian Amy Butler Greenfield, author of A Perfect Red.  (source) When people think about natural dyes, they imagine dull sad brown colours that […]

Mega Flora: How to Make the Flower Dome

This hat was SO MUCH FUN to make and to wear. I wore it to Mega Flora, Art City’s fundraiser. As an aside, Mega Flora was AWESOME, and I wasn’t even close to the most dressed up person (my main concern in the hours leading up). There was a photo booth, great drinks, a craft […]

He Teases You Because He Likes You: Downloadable Colouring Workbook

He Teases You Because He Likes You: a feminist perspective on adolescence and growing up. A 30 page adult colouring workbook with a mix of full page illustrations and illustrated workbook pages for people to doodle, journal and reflect. Mature themes. downloadable PDF to print and colour on Etsy for 3$ CAD!

How to: Marigold Natural Dye

  ​​Last summer I grew several marigold plants and dead headed the blooms as they wilted all summer. I decided to finally make a dye bath with them. Marigolds make a beautiful green/yellow dye, and I will be showing the instructions to permanently natural dye wool with dried marigold blooms. You Will Need: Yarn- 100% wool […]

The Wool Fish- Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St Malo MB

‘The Wool Fish’ at Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St Malo MB. This interactive textile piece was built under a canopy with a pully system. Participants could pull on any of the strings handing down from the outside, and 26 different areas of the puppets will move up and down depending on which strings were selected. […]

Natural Indigo Blue

    I had a few days off of work last week with my last being tomorrow so I had a full weekend of making an indigo vat and dyeing some puppets for an upcoming installation. I just finished mordanting them to overdye tomorrow and the rest of this week! Pre-mordanting is always my least […]

Felted Warp Thread

Becky Jo Gartner (a talented textile artist, photographer, designer of Blue Lady Bug and friend) accidentally felted a huge merino wool weaving warp she was dyeing, and she sent me a big envelope with some of it inside! I made the sample on the left (5″x14″, merino wool, sheep wool, linen) with a frame and […]


  Photodegrade Hand Spun Wool, linen, plastic bags dyed in indigo 18″ x33″ 2015 As the plastic bags in this piece photo degrade, it reveals the structure underneath.    

Bigger Puppet

    Fabric Puppet Linen and Hand Spun Wool Yarn Made with tablet weaving Photos by Becky Gartner

A Puppet

    Fabric Puppet Linen and Cotton Made with Tablet Weaving Photos by Becky Gartner

Vines Crawl, Body Restrained

  Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood purple, silk piping dyed with madder and black tea, silk organza dyed with logwood purple Model: Lizane Tan Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood purple, silk piping dyed with madder and black tea, silk organza dyed with logwood purple Model: Pamela Stone Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood […]

Aves, Feather Capes

  Shirt: Delaney wool dyed with purple cabbage and logwood grey, silk organza dyed with purple cabbage and logwood grey pants: cotton/synthetic stretch Cape: Serge wool dyed with yellow onion skins and iron, turkey feathers dyed with yellow onion skins and iron, silk organza dyed with logwood grey Model: Lizane Tan Shirt: Delaney wool dyed […]

Vinyl Little Bags

Some Vinyl Little Bags are up for sale! They can be found in my Etsy Store or by contacting me. Lined little bags are 20$, Unlined Little Bags are 15$ They’re great night time bags, makeup bags, or purses for those who pack light! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! Here in […]

Semester, Advanced Fashion

This is my semester’s work from advanced fashion. I was taking six credits of this course, and six credits planning the fashion/wearable art show ‘Runaway’ with two other girls.    Artist’s Statement for this body of work: The winding patterns of the Gunnera Manicata leaf are my inspiration for this work. As I looked at […]

Dye And Print

 Pro Mx and Inko Resist, an investigation of all the colours fushia, lemon yellow and turquoise can make. 36″x36″   50”x95” logwood and iron natural dye.

Intermediate Print and Dye

So much dye! I have been making a lot of coloured fabric the last month and a bit, i am taking an intermediate print and dye course and have been making a lot of fabric  Thick Serge Wool, Acid Dye Unbleached Cotton, Pro Mx Solid Dye with Pro Mx print paste sample  Unbleached Cotton, Pro […]

Fashion 101, Circle Skirt

Today is the first day of my two week vacation from work and school, EEEE! I’m going to Prince Edward Island Monday to visit my folks and some friends. Last night I decided to cut some hand dyed and hand screen printed fabric I made about a year and a half ago. I’ve been trying […]

Knitting Knitting Knitting!

Hello! Long time no post! I have been doing a condensed seven week independent study and working full time, whew! I’m not quite ready to show the work from my study, but I have a project that I never put up from the winter semester. These are hand knit sweaters. I dyed the roving with […]

Fabric Fiber Fashion Final, More Solvie Fun

So everyone, My winter semester is over. I’ve completed my third year of my bachelor of Fine Arts. I have two more to go, because I am taking a reduced course load. This is my final project in FFF, and its made from solvie. Anyone who actually reads this thing with any kind of frequency […]


So, I decided to natural dye and hand knit conceptual sweaters based on memories. A girl in my class said I wouldn’t get it done, so I took it as a personal challenge. Here is a picture of the yarns i have spun as of today and the knitting in the back! yeesh! I am […]

Solvie, FFF Fun

Hello friends. What is solvie? Solvie is awesome. Its a plastic bag type of stuff that was originally used for soiled linens so only one set of hands would have to touch it, because it dissolves when it touches water (so you’d throw the whole bag in the washer and then not have to deal […]

Textiles for the Market Place

So, textiles for the marketplace teaches you how to make textiles and money at the same time. our first semester project was to make products for a Gaelic historic village in Cape Breton for them to hypothetically sell at their gift shop. I decided to naturally dye and spin yarn for sale, and here it […]

Weaving Final

Hello friends, I am posting about my weaving final now because they were christmas presents for friends and family!!! My project was using the same warp (the strings going in one direction) and making the 4 scarves as different as I  could using the same colour. The original warp was for my family’s scottish tartan, […]

Introduction to Weaving

Hello friends! its been such a long summer not doing projects! well, i am back after a lame four months of occasional posts of outfits i did on polyvore. I am only taking nine credits this semester, so i am taking introduction to weaving and a six credit intermediate fashion class (which i will post […]

AND finally something i am working on!

SO i know i have been basically on blog vacation. A lot of shit has gone down involving unemployment, employment, unemployment, employment, comission, robbery, illness, etc. basically, shit went down. HERE I AM AGAIN with things i am doing! i’ve been doodling like nuts again, and have been playing around with line ideas just for […]


So, I know how to spin wool. I learned at my job last summer and the summer before at a historic house where we had to wear costumes and give tours. Instead of dealing with mean tourists or messing up the cash register, i could sit below a window and picturesquely spin wool all day. As you […]

All Over Repeat, Screen Printing Final

After about 300 years tracing the repeat to make it line up correctly: i present my all over repeat. For size reference, the kitchen utensils are approximately life size, if not slightly larger.    

Natural Dye For My Hypothetical Line

So, in my developmental drawing class, our final project is to design a line and stuff without actually making it. we need fabric swatches, and since i plan on doing natural dye, I’ve been dying pieces of silk. i accidentally made all the same colours just in two different pallets… oops! i am going to number them going […]

Completed Repeat

So, here is my completed repeat! Mine was fairly dull in comparison to a lot of other ones people did in my class. I hand dyed the fabric, just to let you know 🙂 the colour is closer to the first picture, but the flash did weird things up close, so it looks more pink […]

My First Repeating Print!

so, i know my blog is basically just screenprinting, but draping is just boring unbleached cotton things, and developmental drawing I’ve been much to lazy to photograph the hundreds of drawings. i promise i will document some in the near future. This is my first repeating pattern. Its of a lamp! i know, its kind […]

Screenprinting Midterm

So after I made the fabric from my last post, I made it into a dress, which i am planning on putting into the wearable art show. this dress went quite well, I don’t think i even had to pull out the seam ripper. I thought I would have enough fabric for two dresses, but […]

Devore Fabric/Screen Printing Midterm

I have finished the big part of my screenprinting mid term. This is my fabric, i have 15 ft (approx) of fabric, and i dyed it with cochineal (a type of beetle used to replace red dye 3 in lipsticks and food) and aluminum acetate, and then printed the designs on. I then applied the […]

Natural Dye

So, did you know with a little experimentation you can make virtually any (non neon) color with natural dye? Bright, beautiful pure colours. Textiles (aka, dye) is one of the biggest pollutants in the world. Many companies use low quality dyes, and don’t rinse them out properly to make the colours look more intense when you purchase […]

New Semester, New Classes, New projects.

wahooo! i have a few first projects completed in my new classes. first on the agenda are my inspiration collages for Developmental Drawing for Fashion. basically, i was told to do four pages of collage in my sketchbook for what inspires me, and here they areeee  

Intro Resist Dye Final

I have mixed feelings about my final. some pieces i am very pleased with, others… not so much. my project is based on tropical fruit. i should be pleased with what i achieved through the lack of sleep and such.. but i still want to redo the dragon fruit one. 

Fashion Construction

Here is the rest of my work from fashion construction. all of these things are made for me, that’s why the proportions might look wonky, i am a short person. I am going to take better pictures in the future, my friend offered to take some, so these are just for now!

More Introduction To Dye Work

I took one for the team, and took pictures of the rest of my dye samples today, sheesh! my natural dye samples were small already, so i had pasted them into a notebook. i just took pictures of those samples instead of digging through my scrap bin, if you’re wondering why they look so tiny! […]

Cutting, Attaching

Our second photoshoot was a “draping” assignment, it involved wrapping a 3meter piece of fabric around our body forms until we had no ideas left. Then, we cut holes into the fabric, wrapped them around the body form, and then patched the holes with the piece that was cut out. When we found something we […]

The Reason I Usually Have Rainbow Hands

I am taking an introduction to dye class right now. This is the work we had done as far as midterm. The original images for these photos are HUGE so if you want to see details, click on them.   Acid Dye Wool, Acid Dye on Silk, Potato Dextrin Resist with application dye on Cotton, Corn Dextrin Resist, Application […]