It Washes Over

It Washes Over explores experiences through the objects we hold onto, and how the experiences they represent change us. Using donated items of significance that carry memories, grief, and trauma, I ventured into the inner workings of heartbreak and back again.

This exploration of physical and emotional experiences as an unraveling and reworking of self weaves past into present, confronting us with familiar and forgotten.

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Dedicated To
Paper, Tape, Cotton, Wire. 2018

Book, Anal Pleasure and Health by Jack Morin:
​A token of the acceptance of sexuality from a family member shifted to a memorial of a life.
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Loving You Hurt More
Paper, Tape, Cotton, Wire. 2018

A record of an unbalanced relationship, a raw account of a mind being shaped by another.
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Cotton, Wire. 2018

Baseball T-Shirt,
A disintegrating reminder of the person who used to wear it.
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