Life and Places

The Old, The New

A Big Thing is happening. Or at this point, has happened. This summer our cases dropped to zero, and we coasted until they pushed back up to critical levels. We bought an urban cottage in that low interim, a whirlwind of masks, houses, packing and cleaning in a matter of weeks to get in before […]

Just Another Summer Walk

A long walk after dark, doing the loop over the train bridge, seeing what there is to see. Cases are rising. Things feel weird. Lots of people acting like everything is exactly as it’s always been. There will be more summers.

Rivers, Manitoba

Normally we go camping quite a bit during the summer. I drafted a series of checklists and bags so we can get out there pretty quickly and easily. This summer has been different. Covid, you know? campsites are booked up and I’m exhausted. Alex managed to find the last available campsite in the province for […]

Where Are My Lady Bugs?

Where are all my ladybugs? every summer I let my dill go to flower and allure all of the pretty red ladies to my flowers to lay their eggs. Their babies, gross larve with long legs, eat a truly incredible volume of aphids and spider mites. This year we have none. The bees just found […]

I Got to See a Tree: Brandon Hills, Manitoba

Two months indoors and some restrictions have been lifted. I am not confident things will stay this way, and I have some apprehension about us all flooding the streets. The provincial guidelines often say “while maintaining social distancing”, with social distancing being next to impossible with the guidelines. Building Frustrations. We went to Brandon Hills […]

An Autumn: Quebec City, QC

Manitoba doesn’t get autumn. We go straight to winter, frozen and withering green leaves. I miss the golden sun, wet streets and crimson leaves cascading in the wind. I went to QC to present at a conference, but it turned out to be a much needed little pocket of reconnection and oasis in a chaotic […]

Climate Strike: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Marching while the world burns. Our children take to the streets in a stark reminder that those who can effect change the most, won’t be alive to experience the impacts of climate change.

Icy Nights and Bright Skies: Steep Rock, Manitoba

We went to steep rock with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while for labour day weekend. It was warm during the day and we lazed around. I got to be fire manager (yes!). The wood was damp the first night and we spent a disproportionate amount of time blowing on the fire as […]

Home, Rainbow Trout Music Festival

I missed Rainbow Trout Music Festival last year. I was in Nova Scotia at White Rabbit Residency during the festival last year. My partner and I went to Rainbow Trout four years ago, it was one of our first multi-day events as a couple with other people. The Big Test. I saw the northern lights […]

Slow Little Twists: St Malo, Manitoba

A welcome slowed down pace. I love when I can find materials in my immediate space. Well, I can always find materials in my immediate space but they look different in the forest than they do in my apartment in the city, don’t they?

Bubbles: Art City, True Colour

I love playing with weird materials, trying to figure them out. Some dollar store ball pit balls. Needle and thread? nope, too rigid. Using interfacing and the end of a hot glue gun to grommet them? Works like a charm. the shape controlled by the orientation of the balls in relation to each other. This […]

Tablet Weaving and Warming Weather: Russell, MB

We got the car stuck when we stopped to take the outdoor photos. The weather had warmed up, and we sunk down a few inches. The car wheels kept spinning. A kind stranger who knows how to push a car out helped us push it out, and we were back on the road in ten […]

Polar Vortex: Winnipeg, MB

A polar vortex travelled through the Praries, Western Ontario and parts of Alberta and through the United states. This is my first experience with sub -50c temperatures. It looks quite surreal: bright and sunny, icy, dry, and misty. Condensation comes from anything that is warm and moist such as car exhaust, bare skin, and buildings […]

Extreme Cold Warnings and Natural Dye: McCreary, Manitoba

Extreme Cold Warning: Clear. Increasing cloudiness overnight. Wind north 20km/h light early this evening. Low minus 31c.Wind chill near minus 41c. Frostbite in minutes. Taking an ice drive to McCreary Manitoba to facilitate a natural dye workshop. I had to put the supplies in the back seat of the car so the supplies didn’t freeze […]

White Rabbit Arts Festival: Economy, Nova Scotia

Mother moon, smudge. Technical difficulties that are outside of my knowledge. Holding my breath. Stay calm. Release of tension. Running through the woods by flashlight, finding all the delights. Artists in Residence: Anand Friesen Cassie Picollo Danielle Harris Devin Horsman Jo Smith Fanny Basque Gwendolyn Frankton Hennah Verhoeven Katrina Craig Lux Habrich Maddie McNeely Polina […]

White Rabbit Residency: Economy, Nova Scotia

Some places have a magic inside of them. Does a place create magic or is it the people that inhabit it? How do spaces and places attract certain people? How can we create passionate spaces? Kind spaces? Some experiences feel warm, welcoming. complete. White Rabbit Residency welcomes you in like a warm bath. Sleeping in an apple […]

Old Haunts at Point Pleasant Park: Halifax, NS

I took Alex to “my spot” at Point Pleasant Park. There was a time in my life that lacked privacy. I used to walk to Point Pleasant and sit on a rock by the ocean down part of a cliff and just be alone. Sound of waves. We had a half hazard picnic while the […]

Duncan’s Cove Hiking Trail: Nova Scotia

I always feel so small on the wide flat rocks of the Nova Scotia coast. I end up running and jumping across, for no reason besides the momentum feels great in my body. I only ever feel graceful here and underwater. It feels so warm to be with people who have known you for a […]

Low Tide Adventures: Chelton Beach, Prince Edward Island

Sandstone is crumbly and slippery when wet. We climbed along the water’s edge, up and down to get our footing. Not that difficult besides slimy rocks. My dad is confident that the tide will not come in while we are on the edge, I’m less convinced. We can climb a cottage’s ladder and walk along […]

Green Park: Port Hill, Prince Edward Island

The water is not warm here, but the tall birch rise up and fall over the eroding cliffs. I spent 20 minutes stalking a blue heron, only to drive by some shallows with dozens later in the day. My dad is walking the dog and is talking to little girls he doesn’t know, and it’s […]

Change is Inevitable, Tides are Inevitable: It Washes Through

You can’t control how events will change you, just that events will change you. I’ve been making work about grief, trauma and closure, but really I’ve been making work about change. Changes shock us, they rattle us. Loss is change. We don’t always know how to deal with these changes. I’ve changed through doing my […]

Thomas Cove: Economy, Nova Scotia

The ocean is powerful. It transforms anything that touches it. To allow our experiences to change us requires tremendous vulnerability Change is something that you must look for and change is something that we must accept How do you design a life that embraces flux and change without sacrificing continuity? How do you ensure you’re […]

Norva Artist Retreat: Flin Flon, MB and Denare Beach, SK

I went to Flin Flon MB and Denare Beach SK for a week long artist retreat where I would be a guest artist and hosting a workshop. I had no idea what my next week would look like when I got there. My favourite thing about visiting new places is getting to know people who […]

Remembering a Free Spring Day

My mom was in town this May. My sister had a baby miss Lily Jane, who is beautiful and perfect in every way. My mom lives really far away. 3000km away in fact. Having her stay at my house on the weekends brought a familiar rhythm to my apartment. We cooked meals together and went […]

Jazz Fest: Winnipeg, Manitoba

One of Winnipeg’s best free summer festivals is Jazz Fest at the Cube. A wide variety of music of all genres, some great tunes to dance to. 3peat music played this year for the first time, and shared with the crowd that it was a goal of theirs to play for Jazz Fest, after having another […]

An Emerging Green Thumb

When I was a kid, I loathed gardening. I grew up in a rural area of Prince Edward Island and my parents are really into maintaining their four big gardens full of vegetables. As a kid, my take on gardening was having to weed gardens, shovel top soil and make relish and pickles that I […]

Pride: Winnipeg, Manitoba

I took my Mom to her very first Pride event ever. We are from PEI and Pride isn’t a huge thing there. She loved it- she talked about how happy and celebratory it is. Which is one of the best parts of Pride! a huge colourful parade with people wearing what excites them, listening to […]

Mega Flora: How to Make the Flower Dome

This hat was SO MUCH FUN to make and to wear. I wore it to Mega Flora, Art City’s fundraiser. As an aside, Mega Flora was AWESOME, and I wasn’t even close to the most dressed up person (my main concern in the hours leading up). There was a photo booth, great drinks, a craft […]

Gas and Breakfast: Minnedosa, Manitoba

The gas stations are open on Sundays in October. I love the organic nature of small towns. With less people things just end up where they do. Like a fountain in the middle of an intersection. I love the randomness of small towns. Cities are created by a crowd, which means no-one gets what they […]

Festival Du Voyageur: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Seas of people walk quickly in the cold, puffs of condensed breath coming from the tops of their heads. Caribou and beers in hand, trying to find the tent and band you wanted to see (or find somewhere warm to defrost). Snow sculptures tower (or depending on the year, begin to melt). ATVs drive through […]

Winter Wolseley Walks: Winnipeg, Manitoba

The naked trees with their shiny belts. Clouds of breath and dog footprints. The neighbourhood as we see it most. The prairies are cold. Dry, and cold. your breath is a cloud, your skin is covered.

It Washes Over: Opens Febuary 2nd at Flux Gallery

My Solo Exhibition ‘It Washes Over’ Opens Friday, February 2 from 7 to 10pm!!! Exhibition runs until February 9th 2018 at Flux Gallery It Washes Over explores experiences through the objects we hold onto, and how the experiences they represent change us. Using donated items of significance that carry memories, grief, and trauma, Katrina ventures […]

Ice Castle: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is a freaking cold city. It regularly reaches -30c to -40c (-22 to -40f) with the windchill in January and February, and the occasional cold snap in December or March. The people from Winnipeg are so nonchalant about the cold. Sure people complain about it, but in the way that people complain about traffic […]

Winnipeg Zoo: Winnipeg, Manitoba

I feel bad about visiting zoos. The animals are so beautiful, I can’t help but to feel awestruck by them. I wish the animals were living in the wild, but instead zoos are forced to do conservation. I was at the Winnipeg Zoo while my parents were in town this summer and I was amazed […]

Junkyard Cows and Fields on Fire: Sandy Lake, Manitoba

On the ugly side of autumn, where all the colour has drained except for the sky. Out of the city and onto the uneven pavement of the back roads. Cows with their heads poking between scrap metal and motors under a cloud cover.  A beautiful lake with a clear sky. Readying the fields for the […]

Winter Wolseley Walks: Winnipeg, Manitoba

November 4th was our first full snowfall in Winnipeg that didn’t melt. We are all buckling in for six months of winter over here. I love the first snow. The green leaves peeking out from the white, the warmer temperatures, and the excitement (before it wears thin). The seasons’ grey areas Our neighbourhood has a lot […]

Lake Audy Bison Range: Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

The road through riding mountain to get to see the bison was the longest road of my life. I couldn’t wait to see bison, and was terrified that we wouldn’t be able to see any. The day before had been the last warm day of autumn, not that we knew that at the time. It […]

Heartbreak Object: Taboos, then, have an all-encompassing quality

I was donated the book Anal Pleasure and Health by Jack Morin as part of my project An Investigation of Heartbreak and Grief.  The owner of the book met me for coffee and we talked about the symbolism of this book in his life, and why it’s important to him. In his early 30s he had […]

Wolseley Walks (Thinking of Summer), Winnipeg Manitoba

Our neighbourhood is perfect for nighttime walks. We run into people doing their evening fitness happily on the same road as a man skateboarding alone singing wonderwall to himself (and to all of us?). how the trees limbs stretch like arms ready to pull you into an embrace. I love going for walks, I feel […]

Nuit Blanche, Late Night Folly: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Late night at Nuit Blanche can be overwhelming for those unprepared. Tens-of-thousands of people pour in from the neighbourhoods move like schools of fish across the closed-off streets. It’s incredible how a city transforms when you take cars out of public spaces. Suddenly you’re not in the way when you stop and talk to a […]

Nuit Blanche, Early Evening Escapades: Winnipeg, Manitoba

It’s Nuit Blanche Everyone! For those of you who don’t know, Nuit Blache is a celebration of contemporary art. People are encouraged to explore through the streets of Winnipeg all night to participate in free performances, installations, music, and open houses of creative spaces throughout St. Boniface, the Exchange District and downtown. Events and projects […]

Granny’s Gong Show and Queer Bingo: Winnipeg, Manitoba

I was invited by friends to Drag Bingo at The Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg. Drag Bingo is a fundraiser for Sunshine House , an organization in Winnipeg that focuses on harm prevention, population health promotion and social inclusion. Saucy bingo with Rodney the drag king. Anytime he calls an “O” everyone shouts “OH RODNEY”. […]

Macrame Mermaid Hair: East Sooke Park, British Columbia

East Sooke Park is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It has several hiking trails, and someone wrote on the sign post for the hike we did ‘too hard’. Right you are friend, right you are. We hiked on a trail that climbed up and down the cliff side with stunning views, I didn’t […]

Mountains on my Mind: Bamberton Provincial Park, British Columbia

We went camping at Bamberton Provincial Park just outside of Victoria, BC. I grew up on the east coast on Prince Edward Island. I have salt water in my blood but now I have mountains on my mind. They put your size and importance into perspective. The pebble beach was beautiful and I managed to lure Alex […]

Victor Street Exteriors: Winnipeg Manitoba

Road construction lead me on a different path on my walk home from work. I walked down Victor St in Winnipeg’s West-End. I love the west end for their fearless exterior design. Nobody cares what their neighbours think, and it’s just that type of boldness that makes the houses a breath of fresh air in […]

Hikes and Heartbreak: Victoria, British Columbia

The first time I saw the Rocky Mountains was flying over them on my way to Victoria. It creates the same feeling when you are in a dark place and see all the stars: Small and insignificant. I was visiting friends on the west coast, my first time further west than Manitoba. I was stunned […]

Uncharacteristic Saturday Activites: Winnipeg Goldeyes

So I’m not a sports person. I have little hand-eye coordination and never found a sport I had passable skills at growing up (despite my parents trying). I don’t really care about watching sports on TV. I was invited to a baseball game and my partner loves sports, so I was gently peer pressured into […]

Manitoba Fibre Art Festival and ‘Common Threads’ Exhibition, Winnipeg Manitoba

IT’S FIBRE ART FESTIVAL! Fibre art, fibre animals, and fibre vendors! Take a few deep breaths and wade in. The festival’s fibre art exhibition was called Common Threads, which had a mix of contemporary and traditional fibre art work.  Colleen Granger’s impressions of the Manitoba landscape through textile map can be seen in Threads of Connection.  […]

Taking Breaks: Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Man, I’m the worst at taking breaks. I just finished a major project I’ve been working on for nearly a year and then went back to work with a loud resolve: I WILL be taking September off from working on textiles so my body can rest.   We get to September and instead of taking a […]

Feminist Futures at MAWA, Winnipeg Manitoba

I went to the MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art) Feminist Futures show, open to all MAWA’s members.  I love MAWA’s member shows as they show the astounding versatility of women artists in Winnipeg! There were three standout textile pieces in the show. I love how represented textiles is in female-only shows. It’s nearly impossible […]

Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St Malo Manitoba

Rainbow Trout Music Festival starts with the pilgrimage into the festival. You park your car alongside hundreds of others on a dusty gravel road and walk into the festival grounds, feeling jealous of the people with collapsible wagons and those who packed light. By this point, you have already lost cell signal and internet when […]

Oak Hammock Marsh: Stonewall, Manitoba

Oak Hammock Marsh is a natural wetland in Manitoba just outside of Winnipeg, and a small paradise. There is a Ducks Unlimited interpretive centre with architecture that allows it to blend with the wetland and not change the ecosystem of the birds who summer there. There are cliff swallows that dart and chase each other […]

Neuro Craft, Winnipeg Manitoba

I checked out Neurocraft by Manitoba Craft Council last week. Work was a collaboration between neuro-scientists and the Manitoba Craft Council working with themes of the brain, and neuro-science.  Selected photos are works by Dana Kletke and Michelle Wilson  

Why Not Having a Car Has Made Me a More Creative Person

The Value of Free Time as a Creative Person: Why Not Having a Car Has Made Me a More Creative Person We are all really busy. Most of the creative people I know always have a lot of balls in the air. Often they work at a non art job, are creating bodies of work, […]

Trepidation and Anxiety, A Women’s March: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Wow. North America has flipped upside down in the last 12 days. Up here in Canada we aren’t feeling the impact of the newest election as harshly or directly as our neighbours to the south, but there is a thick feeling of trepidation and anxiety in that we share a border with a highly armed […]

The Wool Fish- Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St Malo MB

‘The Wool Fish’ at Rainbow Trout Music Festival, St Malo MB. This interactive textile piece was built under a canopy with a pully system. Participants could pull on any of the strings handing down from the outside, and 26 different areas of the puppets will move up and down depending on which strings were selected. […]

Manitoba Fibre Art Festival, Winnipeg MB

I spent Saturday at the Manitoba Fibre Festival where I was exhibiting three pieces in their Contemporary Fibre Exhibition. There were some awesome pieces including the big warm wool pods Alyson and I got inside of. There were tons of vendors, workshops, and of course FIBRE ANIMALS!  


HEY! ARE YOU IN HALIFAX??? YOU SHOULD COME TO RUNAWAY! I’m planning this! and am in both shows! check out this article in the Coast

Gallery Show: Oh, Then, I See Queen Mab Hath Been With You

I had a gallery show! AHHH! so exciting. It was at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax NS. It was a collaborative show with my friend Darren Pottie, who is a super talented and awesome art history and photo student. This is the dream it was based on: In a secluded field a pregnant woman […]

The Coast in December

This was the article about the fashion show in The Coast in December, i forgot to put it up until now and didn’t want to lose it forever. It was online as well as in print. (click to read).

Ninety Nine Days In, More Photos

Here are the professional photos from the intermediate fashion show, all done by Alexandra Wright Halley Davies and Adrianne Mahon The models in order are Erica Hopkins, Kristy Pitre and Lizane Tan. They got washed out for some reason when I put them on here! the colours are a little bit brighter 🙂  

99 Days in, NSCAD’s Intermediate Fashion Show

So guys, guess what?! MY SEMESTER IS DONE!!!! and now I am going to post my work from the fashion show I was in. I’ll start with runway shots and finish with my portfolio!   Here are some runway shots. They are from  The models in order are Kristy Pitre, Lizane Tan and Erica Hopkins