Liminal Spaces

A Polar Vortex: Winnipeg, MB

Here we go again! Coral condensation, sun dogs, sun halos, and parking lot tundras. This will be the last deep freeze of the year, and things are beginning to reopen again. For how long?

The Old, The New

A Big Thing is happening. Or at this point, has happened. This summer our cases dropped to zero, and we coasted until they pushed back up to critical levels. We bought an urban cottage in that low interim, a whirlwind of masks, houses, packing and cleaning in a matter of weeks to get in before […]

Just Another Summer Walk: Winnipeg, MB

A long walk after dark, doing the loop over the train bridge, seeing what there is to see. Cases are rising. Things feel weird. Lots of people acting like everything is exactly as it’s always been. There will be more summers.

Polar Vortex: Winnipeg, MB

A polar vortex travelled through the Praries, Western Ontario and parts of Alberta and through the United states. This is my first experience with sub -50c temperatures. It looks quite surreal: bright and sunny, icy, dry, and misty. Condensation comes from anything that is warm and moist such as car exhaust, bare skin, and buildings […]

Extreme Cold Warnings and Natural Dye: McCreary, Manitoba

Extreme Cold Warning: Clear. Increasing cloudiness overnight. Wind north 20km/h light early this evening. Low minus 31c.Wind chill near minus 41c. Frostbite in minutes. Taking an ice drive to McCreary Manitoba to facilitate a natural dye workshop. I had to put the supplies in the back seat of the car so the supplies didn’t freeze […]

Old Haunts at Point Pleasant Park: Halifax, NS

I took Alex to “my spot” at Point Pleasant Park. There was a time in my life that lacked privacy. I used to walk to Point Pleasant and sit on a rock by the ocean down part of a cliff and just be alone. Sound of waves. We had a half hazard picnic while the […]

Remembering a Free Spring Day

My mom was in town this May. My sister had a baby miss Lily Jane, who is beautiful and perfect in every way. My mom lives really far away. 3000km away in fact. Having her stay at my house on the weekends brought a familiar rhythm to my apartment. We cooked meals together and went […]

Gas and Breakfast: Minnedosa, Manitoba

The gas stations are open on Sundays in October. I love the organic nature of small towns. With less people things just end up where they do. Like a fountain in the middle of an intersection. I love the randomness of small towns. Cities are created by a crowd, which means no-one gets what they […]

Winter Wolseley Walks: Winnipeg, Manitoba

The naked trees with their shiny belts. Clouds of breath and dog footprints. The neighbourhood as we see it most. The prairies are cold. Dry, and cold. your breath is a cloud, your skin is covered.

Junkyard Cows and Fields on Fire: Sandy Lake, Manitoba

On the ugly side of autumn, where all the colour has drained except for the sky. Out of the city and onto the uneven pavement of the back roads. Cows with their heads poking between scrap metal and motors under a cloud cover.  A beautiful lake with a clear sky. Readying the fields for the […]

Winter Wolseley Walks: Winnipeg, Manitoba

November 4th was our first full snowfall in Winnipeg that didn’t melt. We are all buckling in for six months of winter over here. I love the first snow. The green leaves peeking out from the white, the warmer temperatures, and the excitement (before it wears thin). The seasons’ grey areas Our neighbourhood has a lot […]

Autumn Walk and Back Alley Arctic: Winnipeg, Manitoba

The elm trees in my neighbourhood are on their last hurrah, gold leaf flooding the sky and the streets. Carlene and I went for a walk through Wolseley on what we thought would be one of the last days before our winter coats came out (we were wrong) with our fall coats and toques on. […]

Wolseley Walks (Thinking of Summer), Winnipeg Manitoba

Our neighbourhood is perfect for nighttime walks. We run into people doing their evening fitness happily on the same road as a man skateboarding alone singing wonderwall to himself (and to all of us?). how the trees limbs stretch like arms ready to pull you into an embrace. I love going for walks, I feel […]