Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

It’s been a while, repeating patterns. I used to make a lot of these, they are incredibly tedious to make by hand and I don’t have a light table these days. I got a piece of tech that replicates drawing on paper, and the interest (obsession) has returned. The following 9 repeating patterns were made […]

Intermediate Print and Dye

So much dye! I have been making a lot of coloured fabric the last month and a bit, i am taking an intermediate print and dye course and have been making a lot of fabric  Thick Serge Wool, Acid Dye Unbleached Cotton, Pro Mx Solid Dye with Pro Mx print paste sample  Unbleached Cotton, Pro […]

All Over Repeat, Screen Printing Final

After about 300 years tracing the repeat to make it line up correctly: i present my all over repeat. For size reference, the kitchen utensils are approximately life size, if not slightly larger.    

Natural Dye For My Hypothetical Line

So, in my developmental drawing class, our final project is to design a line and stuff without actually making it. we need fabric swatches, and since i plan on doing natural dye, I’ve been dying pieces of silk. i accidentally made all the same colours just in two different pallets… oops! i am going to number them going […]

Completed Repeat

So, here is my completed repeat! Mine was fairly dull in comparison to a lot of other ones people did in my class. I hand dyed the fabric, just to let you know 🙂 the colour is closer to the first picture, but the flash did weird things up close, so it looks more pink […]

My First Repeating Print!

so, i know my blog is basically just screenprinting, but draping is just boring unbleached cotton things, and developmental drawing I’ve been much to lazy to photograph the hundreds of drawings. i promise i will document some in the near future. This is my first repeating pattern. Its of a lamp! i know, its kind […]

Devore Fabric/Screen Printing Midterm

I have finished the big part of my screenprinting mid term. This is my fabric, i have 15 ft (approx) of fabric, and i dyed it with cochineal (a type of beetle used to replace red dye 3 in lipsticks and food) and aluminum acetate, and then printed the designs on. I then applied the […]