Structure and Movement

​Structure and Movement is a series experimenting with freedom, movement and cooperation. The structure of the weaving allows movements to be amplified and transforms spaces and people.

The Wool Fish

An interactive and cooperative installation. Participants worked together to manipulate the hanging pieces by pulling on the strings along the perimeter and making twenty-six different sections of the installation move up and down, manipulating the installation and experimenting with the structure.
Naturally Dyed Wool and Linen. 2016

Movement Series

Body Movement: Three sets of puppets that are animated when the wearer moves, transforming the form and manipulating the wearer’s movements.
Wool and Linen. 2014

Puppet Series

Movement Puppets: Manipulating structure to change the way the textile will move when suspended by strings. Participants can interact with the puppet and experience the natural movements created by the structure
Wool and Linen. 2013