Tactile Movement

It Washes Through

We have routines and rhythms to our lives that are affected by our upbringing, our jobs, our partners and friends, our health. These rhythms can help us to grow and flourish when they’re nourishing. They can also create toxic patterns that we repeat because they’re familiar and comfortable. A cactus has adapted to a sparse, […]

Structure and Movement

​Structure and Movement is a series experimenting with freedom, movement and cooperation. The structure of the weaving allows movements to be amplified and transforms spaces and people. The Wool Fish An interactive and cooperative installation. Participants worked together to manipulate the hanging pieces by pulling on the strings along the perimeter and making twenty-six different sections […]

Bigger Puppet

    Fabric Puppet Linen and Hand Spun Wool Yarn Made with tablet weaving Photos by Becky Gartner

A Puppet

    Fabric Puppet Linen and Cotton Made with Tablet Weaving Photos by Becky Gartner