The Process of Closure

​I work with objects that break people’s hearts but that they’ve held onto because of sentimental value. I take them apart and transforming them into something new that represents their experiences. The long processes and labour are like the process of grief or moving on; it takes time and sometimes we want to rush past it. By honouring these experiences we can move towards closure and identify with each other’s experiences, allowing a sense of community and understanding.


Human Sexuality Book,
A token of acceptance from a family member, transforms into an object of grief after a tragic accident. ​
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Taboos, Then, Have an All-Encompassing Quality, 2017. Silk, Cotton, Paper
Aspects of a Person’s Sexuality are Established Early in Life, 2017. Silk, Cotton, Paper
Self Loving People Have Greater Internal Resources to Draw Upon, 2017. Silk, Cotton, Paper


Wedding Bands,
We like to pretend we can have a person forever. We are fallible creatures who grow and change, and eventually cease to exist.
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Growing Together/Growing Apart, 2017.  Cotton, Wedding Bands


Stuffed animal, David Bowie Ziggie Stardust record, beeswax candle,
“The record is tattered, scratched and doesn’t play well. Another, final example of giving me butchered versions of things I loved. Dirty copies of the things I cared about. He never really got what it was to have a healthy relationship.”
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Everything Is Fine, Home Sweet Home, 2017. Silk, mohair, cotton, cardboard, reclaimed textiles
I Should be Happy, 2017. Silk, mohair, cotton, cardboard, reclaimed textiles
Carry You, Sinking, 2017. Silk, mohair, cotton, cardboard, reclaimed textiles
To Use It, Is to Destroy it, 2017. Silk, mohair, cotton, cardboard, reclaimed textiles


Ski Boots,
“Hurdling downhill sideways and throwing myself to the ground was not my idea of a great afternoon, but my significant other at the time told me that well, it should be. ”
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​Isn’t About Becoming, 2017.  Reclaimed Textiles, Wool.


Journals, Photographs,
​Until you realize you’re in a pattern, it will continue. A crushing relationship pattern had to be taken to its furthest point to burn what was there and build back up from nothing.
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Appearances, 2016. Paper, photographs, cotton.
​​Compartmentalize (1), 2016. Paper, photographs, cotton.
Compartmentalize (2), 2016.Paper, photographs, cotton.
​I’ll Never Do it Again, 2016. Paper, photographs, cotton.
Little Red, 2016. Paper, photographs, cotton.
​The Wolf, 2016. Paper, photographs, cotton.

Read more about The Process of Closure in The Wall Eye: Exploring the Textiles Art of Katrina Craig by Betty Carpick

This work is made possible with the generous support of the Winnipeg Arts Council with funding from the City of Winnipeg