Writing and Lettering

Stitching Paper

The project that never ends. And has still not ended. I began lettering in the spring of 2019 on a long roll of tracing paper. After receiving ANOTHER email, I began to letter all the emails an individual has sent me after I asked them to stop contacting me 5 years ago. When complete, it […]

The Textility of Trauma

“Katrina Craig and Jolee Smith will give a joint presentation on their independent creative practices, which both deal with hybrid text and textile methodologies in relation to trauma. In her studio practice, Katrina repurposes written text as the material for her textiles work, whereas Jolee has been drawing on the techniques of textile practices as […]

I Am 28 Years Old and I Am Not a Mother

I am 28 years old and I am not a mother. This is not a default setting, a goal to be achieved in the future, the wrong time. This is an active choice I have made and have continued to make. One day I may shift to a new choice. Today is not that day. […]

I’ve Been Many People

these ink drawings may seem out of place. I thought they were “off brand” (a problem within itself, but not a conversation for right now). I was talking about it to a friend who I went to university with. She has seen my work for nearly a decade and we used to work in the […]

The Right to be Left Alone

How do you disappear in a virtual age where there are infinite places that you can be contacted on? How do you disappear when part of your career is having public social media accounts and having your contact information readily available? I’m sure I sound like a monster when the other person tells this story. […]

He Teases You Because He Likes You: Downloadable Colouring Workbook

He Teases You Because He Likes You: a feminist perspective on adolescence and growing up. A 30 page adult colouring workbook with a mix of full page illustrations and illustrated workbook pages for people to doodle, journal and reflect. Mature themes. downloadable PDF to print and colour on Etsy for 3$ CAD!