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I Got to See a Tree: Brandon Hills, Manitoba

Two months indoors and some restrictions have been lifted. I am not confident things will stay this way, and I have some apprehension about us all flooding the streets. The provincial guidelines often say “while maintaining social distancing”, with social distancing being next to impossible with the guidelines. Building Frustrations. We went to Brandon Hills […]

Stitching Paper

The project that never ends. And has still not ended. I began lettering in the spring of 2019 on a long roll of tracing paper. After receiving ANOTHER email, I began to letter all the emails an individual has sent me after I asked them to stop contacting me 5 years ago. When complete, it […]

An Acorn Hat

So like everyone else in the world I’ve been social distancing, and playing my all time favourite video game…. Animal Crossing. And my favourite accessory in my favourite game is the acorn knit hat. So let’s make one! A quick hand-spun chunky wool crocheted and natural dyed with onion skin and alum.

Spinning Wool, Social Distancing

Social Distancing, what a strange concept. What a strange time. I spin the majority of my yarn myself to control the aesthetic, I love the meditative process, and it saves a lot of money on 100% wool special yarn. I ran out of yarn right before the state of emergency in Manitoba, so I got […]

An Autumn: Quebec City, QC

Manitoba doesn’t get autumn. We go straight to winter, frozen and withering green leaves. I miss the golden sun, wet streets and crimson leaves cascading in the wind. I went to QC to present at a conference, but it turned out to be a much needed little pocket of reconnection and oasis in a chaotic […]