Wearable and Fashion

An Acorn Hat

So like everyone else in the world I’ve been social distancing, and playing my all time favourite video game…. Animal Crossing. And my favourite accessory in my favourite game is the acorn knit hat. So let’s make one! A quick hand-spun chunky wool crocheted and natural dyed with onion skin and alum.

Bubbles: Art City, True Colour

I love playing with weird materials, trying to figure them out. Some dollar store ball pit balls. Needle and thread? nope, too rigid. Using interfacing and the end of a hot glue gun to grommet them? Works like a charm. the shape controlled by the orientation of the balls in relation to each other. This […]

Mega Flora: How to Make the Flower Dome

This hat was SO MUCH FUN to make and to wear. I wore it to Mega Flora, Art City’s fundraiser. As an aside, Mega Flora was AWESOME, and I wasn’t even close to the most dressed up person (my main concern in the hours leading up). There was a photo booth, great drinks, a craft […]

Vines Crawl, Body Restrained

  Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood purple, silk piping dyed with madder and black tea, silk organza dyed with logwood purple Model: Lizane Tan Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood purple, silk piping dyed with madder and black tea, silk organza dyed with logwood purple Model: Pamela Stone Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood […]

Queen Mab Hath Been with You

  Birth: Hand woven silk, wire Death: Silk dyed with weak acid dyes, wire Transformation: Silk dyed with weak acid dyes, wire Photo Collaboration With Darren Pottie January 2013, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax NS

Aves, Feather Capes

  Shirt: Delaney wool dyed with purple cabbage and logwood grey, silk organza dyed with purple cabbage and logwood grey pants: cotton/synthetic stretch Cape: Serge wool dyed with yellow onion skins and iron, turkey feathers dyed with yellow onion skins and iron, silk organza dyed with logwood grey Model: Lizane Tan Shirt: Delaney wool dyed […]

Vinyl Little Bags

Some Vinyl Little Bags are up for sale! They can be found in my Etsy Store or by contacting me. Lined little bags are 20$, Unlined Little Bags are 15$ They’re great night time bags, makeup bags, or purses for those who pack light! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! Here in […]

Fabric Fiber Fashion Final, More Solvie Fun

So everyone, My winter semester is over. I’ve completed my third year of my bachelor of Fine Arts. I have two more to go, because I am taking a reduced course load. This is my final project in FFF, and its made from solvie. Anyone who actually reads this thing with any kind of frequency […]

Solvie, FFF Fun

Hello friends. What is solvie? Solvie is awesome. Its a plastic bag type of stuff that was originally used for soiled linens so only one set of hands would have to touch it, because it dissolves when it touches water (so you’d throw the whole bag in the washer and then not have to deal […]

Intermediate Fiber Fabric Fashion: Needlefelting and Crochet

This is another project for Fiber Fabric Fashion, it involved a felted sweater (aka wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer until it shrinks) and then needle felting into it and crochet. This project was a struggle for me to combine the felting and crochet in a way that made sense, […]

FFF Knitting

THE SECOND PROJECT: KNITTING We were taught the basic stitches of knitting: Knit, Purl, Stitch Increase and Stitch Decrease and told to play and make something for the body. I realized b accident that if you increase several stitches beside eachother you get holes…. and went with that. all of the holes in this piece are permanent […]

Intermediate Fiber Fabric Fashion, Knit Fabric

So, the Fiber Fabric Fashion classes are among my favorite. They are a breath of fresh air because they require thinking instead of technique and are basically awesome to do. Here are the first two projects: FIRST PROJECT: KNIT ON THE BODY This project involved partner work, and this is Cheryl Ozon with me (she […]

Ninety Nine Days In, More Photos

Here are the professional photos from the intermediate fashion show, all done by Alexandra Wright Halley Davies and Adrianne Mahon The models in order are Erica Hopkins, Kristy Pitre and Lizane Tan. They got washed out for some reason when I put them on here! the colours are a little bit brighter 🙂  

99 Days in, NSCAD’s Intermediate Fashion Show

So guys, guess what?! MY SEMESTER IS DONE!!!! and now I am going to post my work from the fashion show I was in. I’ll start with runway shots and finish with my portfolio!   Here are some runway shots. They are from http://digitalcitizen.ca  The models in order are Kristy Pitre, Lizane Tan and Erica Hopkins

Developmental Drawing for Fashion Final

Oh, the bane of my existance. This project involved creating your fashion line to just before you would start to sew, and pitching it to the class. The line was for 2016. My predictions were quality over quantity, better quality fabrics and better clothing would be bought, and less of it. I also wanted organic […]

Fashion Drawings at Last!

I took some initiative and FINALLLLLYYYY took a bunch of fashion drawing pictures. none of them are really fantastic in any way to be honest…. i am better at rendering than fashion drawing i’ve decided. this is the difference between a 7-8 head figure (normal human) and the inhuman 9 headed fashion figure (its all in […]

Fiber Fabric Fashion Final

so, I AM DONE! yay, hurrah! i’ll be posting some more final projects in the next few days. This is my Fiber Fabric Fashion final project photoshoot. My project was to combine some of our other projects, and i used heat setting polyester and the cut and wrap project. I heat set pleats into polyester, […]

Fashion Construction

Here is the rest of my work from fashion construction. all of these things are made for me, that’s why the proportions might look wonky, i am a short person. I am going to take better pictures in the future, my friend offered to take some, so these are just for now!

Cutting, Attaching

Our second photoshoot was a “draping” assignment, it involved wrapping a 3meter piece of fabric around our body forms until we had no ideas left. Then, we cut holes into the fabric, wrapped them around the body form, and then patched the holes with the piece that was cut out. When we found something we […]

Hello Fashion World

Hello everyone! To start everyone off, I am going to show you a dress i made in my class “Fiber Fabric Fashion”. It’s a conceptual fashion class, based on creative thinking. This dress is made entirely out of recycled materials, and it was supposed to accentuate something about myself, so i accentuated my lack of […]