Earth Forms

Earth Forms considers the role of surrender in the journey to seeking peace. Surrender brings to mind being overpowered, conceding. But there is surrender in giving oneself over to natural influences and instincts, rather than striving to meet expectations. Training, conditioning, and externally lead modes of thinking give way to intrinsically lead, instinctual, body focused approach.

These works are installed in specific natural environments and surrendered to the environment they are placed in, removing the control of the artist and welcoming external forces in shaping the final form. The elements slowly change the works, passively dyeing, staining, matting the wool, losing and gaining material.

I Know This Forest Like the Back of My Hand
Video of handspun wool and cotton weaving with layered lettering. 2022
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Handspun wool, linen, paper, mixed media. 2022
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It Washes Through
Handspun Wool, Linen, Nylon. 2018
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