Featured Projects

Repeating Patterns

It’s been a while, repeating patterns. I used to make a lot of these, they are incredibly tedious to make by hand and I don’t have a light table these days. I got a piece of tech that replicates drawing on paper, and the interest (obsession) has returned. The following 9 repeating patterns were made […]

Yarn Organs

Part of my creative practice uses objects that other people hold on to that make them sad or unhappy-and create work based on their experiences. The objects I’m working with right now; camera film, prints, journal pages, are from a deeply challenging, traumatic and life changing time in a person’s life. I’m working on crafting […]

Stitching Paper

The project that never ends. And has still not ended. I began lettering in the spring of 2019 on a long roll of tracing paper. After receiving ANOTHER email, I began to letter all the emails an individual has sent me after I asked them to stop contacting me 5 years ago. When complete, it […]

Maps of Transition

Are our personalities just a collection of our routines? Are our personalities ingrained? Do we perform them? We could find little bits and pieces in other people and sew them into ourselves. Maps of transition are reflections on personality, growth, life, lives and changes. Many of the narratives we tell about ourselves are the aspects […]

Bubbles: Art City, True Colour

I love playing with weird materials, trying to figure them out. Some dollar store ball pit balls. Needle and thread? nope, too rigid. Using interfacing and the end of a hot glue gun to grommet them? Works like a charm. the shape controlled by the orientation of the balls in relation to each other. This […]

Growing Forms

Growing Forms Containing nature through structure and forms. Wool, Soil, Living Plants. 2018

It Washes Through

We have routines and rhythms to our lives that are affected by our upbringing, our jobs, our partners and friends, our health. These rhythms can help us to grow and flourish when they’re nourishing. They can also create toxic patterns that we repeat because they’re familiar and comfortable. A cactus has adapted to a sparse, […]

It Washes Over

Read Olenka Skrypnyk’s response to It Washes Over Dedicated To Book, Anal Pleasure and Health by Jack Morin: ​A token of the acceptance of sexuality from a family member shifted to a memorial of a life.Paper, Tape, Cotton, Wire. 2018Read Journal Post Loving You Hurt More Journals: A record of an unbalanced relationship, a raw […]

The Process of Closure

​I work with objects that break people’s hearts but that they’ve held onto because of sentimental value. I take them apart and transforming them into something new that represents their experiences. The long processes and labour are like the process of grief or moving on; it takes time and sometimes we want to rush past […]

Structure and Movement

​Structure and Movement is a series experimenting with freedom, movement and cooperation. The structure of the weaving allows movements to be amplified and transforms spaces and people. The Wool Fish An interactive and cooperative installation. Participants worked together to manipulate the hanging pieces by pulling on the strings along the perimeter and making twenty-six different sections […]

Vines Crawl, Body Restrained

  Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood purple, silk piping dyed with madder and black tea, silk organza dyed with logwood purple Model: Lizane Tan Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood purple, silk piping dyed with madder and black tea, silk organza dyed with logwood purple Model: Pamela Stone Dress: Cotton/Silk blend dyed with logwood […]

Queen Mab Hath Been with You

  Birth: Hand woven silk, wire Death: Silk dyed with weak acid dyes, wire Transformation: Silk dyed with weak acid dyes, wire Photo Collaboration With Darren Pottie January 2013, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax NS

Aves, Feather Capes

  Shirt: Delaney wool dyed with purple cabbage and logwood grey, silk organza dyed with purple cabbage and logwood grey pants: cotton/synthetic stretch Cape: Serge wool dyed with yellow onion skins and iron, turkey feathers dyed with yellow onion skins and iron, silk organza dyed with logwood grey Model: Lizane Tan Shirt: Delaney wool dyed […]

More Wearable Art Show

Here are some wearable art show shots that have showed up via facebook the last new weeks.In terms of photo credit, the first five are Alex Chisholm, the next four after that are Brent McComb, and the last behind the scenes shot is Michelle Doucette. I’ll post the beautiful professional shots that Alex Chisholm took […]