Social Climates

What a busy winter I’ve had making work. There is a stressful social climate happening right now, with elections (Canadian Federal Election this fall and the US Presidential Race happening right now) and the refugee crisis really highlighting how far we need to come with human rights and prejudice.

I had an overwhelming urge to make something instead of posting on facebook. I had an idea for a trio of little tapestries about the climate at the end of 2015 (see above: Oppressing My Religion // Security Risk // Asking For It : Attitudes of 2015. Naturally Dyed Wool and Linen. 2015)

I had so many ideas for more but was feeling frustrated by wanting to get them out faster then hand dyeing and tapestry weaving these will allow me, with my limited weaving supplies at the moment.

I decided to get back into drawing, for the first time since 2010 when I was in my first year of University and make a zine style coloring book about a feminist perspective of adolescence and growing up. All of the expectations and pressure associated with puberty and becoming a sexual object is foreign and overwhelming  (someone to compare with for women, or for desirability for men or people attracted to women). So I started drawing “He Teases You Because He Likes You” which has become an artist statement of sorts. available through my website or on Etsy

One of the first and most exciting drawings for me was the image of the razor shaving the forest off. I decided to make a fiber version of this image, so i pulled out the indigo and onion skins to dye some fleece, and then needle felt a…..lot of trees. It made for really relatable Monday conversations with my co-workers

“oh what did you do on the weekend?”
“I needlefelted like 100 trees”

The lovely Alyson Shane let me borrow her legs for some photos


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