Journals, Sentimentality

I find it really difficult to write about my work sometimes. I suppose if i found it easy, I might be a writer instead of an artist.

I’m sentimental with objects. I keep things that were important to me, whether happy or sad memories are attached, and I feel guilty throwing them away. I’ve been thinking about how to honor these objects while not having to have them make me feel sad when I’m around them.

I’ve been taking apart the objects I can’t part with, and transforming them into materials that I combine with textile processes. The time consuming processes give me time to reflect, and it feels meaningful to take something that causes me pain and create something beautiful from it.

Ive been a rant-writing into journals for years, and I have some editions that are painful to read. They are slowly being combined with photos to create weavings exploring my relationship from that era. It has been an anxiety provoking process to use materials that have so many memories and to expose parts of my life that I keep to myself. As challenging as i find it, I think it’s important to reflect on the experiences that have lead me to where I am and on the progress and development of my thinking.

I have been collecting other people’s heartbreak objects and hearing their stories for future pieces. If you have anything to donate to the project please contact me!


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