Uncharacteristic Saturday Activites: Winnipeg Goldeyes

So I’m not a sports person. I have little hand-eye coordination and never found a sport I had passable skills at growing up (despite my parents trying). I don’t really care about watching sports on TV. I was invited to a baseball game and my partner loves sports, so I was gently peer pressured into going. Here we go!

I went to a Goldeyes Baseball game, and for the first 30 minutes I had no idea the game had started. I can get behind a game where I can get up and buy a (baseball brand) beer and a hot dog, and all you’ve missed is some light running. There were fireworks, and Alyson found a foul ball outside of the stadium.

But can we talk about mascots for a minute? We all know that this furry little guy caught my attention. Who makes mascots? A Goldeye is a fish…. but this mascot is definitely NOT a fish. There are some strange mascots in the world- There is an Every Little Thing podcast about flamingo and banana slug mascots featuring a mascot maker. 

Oh and apparently our home team didn’t win (my friend told me afterwards). BUT, below you can see a gentleman win Tim Hortons swag. 

I guess I mostly don’t sport now.

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