Hikes and Heartbreak: Victoria, British Columbia

The first time I saw the Rocky Mountains was flying over them on my way to Victoria. It creates the same feeling when you are in a dark place and see all the stars: Small and insignificant.

I was visiting friends on the west coast, my first time further west than Manitoba. I was stunned by how dramatic the island is: Bright blue ocean, tall mountains, green forests everywhere you can see. My friends live nearby the Royal Roads University campus. There are trails running through which have a Jurrasic Park feel, and ends at the university. There is a building on campus which is the school in the X-men movies… no big deal.

We hiked the Goldstream National Park train trestle trail. I went into this hike confident that it would be FINE, forgetting it has been two and a half years since I’ve seen an incline. WHEW it was tough, 170m (550ft) of steep incline- but trust me it was worth it. the whole hike is only 3km, so if you are someone who likes short but intense, this is the one for you. At the top is your reward, an abandoned train trestle overlooking a valley.

I had been working on a body of work about heartbreak and vulnerability. I brought some embroidery to work on while I was in Victoria, and they felt fitting for work that travelled around. I have been working with objects that make people feel sad and heartbroken but do not want to throw out or donate. I deconstruct the items and create something new with them. These pieces are an interpretation of an Anal Pleasure (human sexuality) book that was donated for the project. It felt appropriate to be working on content about taboos surrounded by tall trees that diffused the light (But watch out for cougars).

fullsizeoutput_177Please note: I discovered after the hike that it is NOT recommended to walk on the trestle for safety, and further that it is considered trespassing. I did not know this during the hike, and do not recommend any hikers walk on the trestle

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