Mountains on my Mind: Bamberton Provincial Park, British Columbia

We went camping at Bamberton Provincial Park just outside of Victoria, BC. I grew up on the east coast on Prince Edward Island. I have salt water in my blood but now I have mountains on my mind. They put your size and importance into perspective.

The pebble beach was beautiful and I managed to lure Alex into the water. Alex doesn’t really swim, and I’m a bit of a fish. When we first met I was overly confident. and said that everyone can float, and that I could teach him to float. We tried over and over again in pools and lakes, but it was never successful. We tried in the pacific ocean and….. HE DID IT! I always knew the ocean was magical.

The beach was a mix of pebbles and hermit crabs, who were either frozen pretending to be rocks or frantically scurrying away from our feet as we walked. I found sand dollars and gave them to a child on the beach. She was excited, and then accidentally stepped on them, holding back tears.

We took a detour on our way home from Bamberton and found a place to do some pretty cushy river tubing. In the parking lot was a white, rusted truck that had TWERK IT MILEY stencilled and spray painted onto the tailgate.  The view was incredible as we were floated between mountains.

We were cheap and bought the basic tubes, which we discovered are really difficult to steer. The guys I was with had no problems using their long arms to paddle around, but I had to take off my flip flops and use them as oars to get anywhere. I was afraid to take my phone or camera with me in the water (this blog post reminded me to buy a waterproof bag for my phone) but we have a photo of us feeling silly and relaxed after an afternoon floating in the sun.


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