Macrame Mermaid Hair: East Sooke Park, British Columbia

East Sooke Park is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

It has several hiking trails, and someone wrote on the sign post for the hike we did ‘too hard’. Right you are friend, right you are. We hiked on a trail that climbed up and down the cliff side with stunning views, I didn’t hike up the saturation in these pictures, it’s just what it actually looked like… when I was looking up.

Obviously being concerned about tripping and careening off a cliff, I spent a lot of time looking at my feet… especially after running into emergency rescue workers looking for a fellow hiker who broke her ankle. I *might* have hit my head on a tree limb looking at my feet.

after doing 3/4 of the hike, we walked down to a pebble beach, where the dog swam to cool down and we had a (much needed) break. I found the seaweed bubbles that make a loud POP noise when you jump on them, and used some thin, flexible seaweed to make a macrame chain.

Where ocean meets mountain meets sky.

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