Nuit Blanche, Early Evening Escapades: Winnipeg, Manitoba

It’s Nuit Blanche Everyone! For those of you who don’t know, Nuit Blache is a celebration of contemporary art. People are encouraged to explore through the streets of Winnipeg all night to participate in free performances, installations, music, and open houses of creative spaces throughout St. Boniface, the Exchange District and downtown. Events and projects are open from 6pm-4am.

St Boniface Boulevard was transformed into an apartment between road lanes with libraries, writing stations and living rooms, chandeliers in trees. A combination of indoors and outdoors: indoor comfort and luxury under the clouds (#76).

Across the bridge we go! Giant title waves made of plastic buckets frame the human rights museum, with people climbing and running across the rippling bucket waves alongside children using it as a temporary playground (#26). Further into the Forks you can find Wag X, with storage containers that were decorated by the public this summer in different regions of Canada. The Atlantic Canada container captivated me, with paper mache creatures,  neon walls, and projections (#33).

Alyson and I walked through downtown, and stopped at Millennium Library to make a paper lantern to light our walk (#25), and got to see some of the decorated bikes participating in the bike tours. I was disappointed we didn’t run into the Nuit Blanche Bike Jam (Put on by Rainbow Trout Music Festival) this year, with thousands of bikers taking over the roads in the city.

It was spitting rain by this time, and we were hoping to get to Verde to make collage before it started to pour! We clipped photos of plants and chatted with others about our collages and their nights.

We went outside and the downpour had already happened! We were treated to street lights and neon reflecting off the wet pavement as we walked to the Poetry slam (#36). We caught the trolly to the Lucky Girl Pop-Up (#53) in Market Square. People were pouring in at this point, the streets getting crowded and the music getting louder.

Nuit Blanche Late Night, coming soon.

Ghost hives by Valérie Chartrand #81
Boulevard of Books – The Five Senses / Les Bibliotheques éphémères – Les Cinq Sens #76
St Boniface Cathedral (not a Nuit Blanche stop, but a beautiful stop)
WAG x The Forks #33
Nuit Blanche Atheneum #25
Botanical Collage @ Verde Terrariums #15
Winnipeg Poetry Slam: “Perspectives” Showcase @ Thom Bargen #36
luckygirl POP UP #53

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