Nuit Blanche, Late Night Folly: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Late night at Nuit Blanche can be overwhelming for those unprepared. Tens-of-thousands of people pour in from the neighbourhoods move like schools of fish across the closed-off streets.

It’s incredible how a city transforms when you take cars out of public spaces. Suddenly you’re not in the way when you stop and talk to a group of your friends, you can stand in the street and you’re not blocking the sidewalk. You can do a backflip if you want! You can walk in groups of 10 with ease, AND you can walk kitty corner across streets.

The streets are closed, the businesses are open! I got a last chance look at Neon Factory which will be closing its doors. I’ve never been inside and was both filled with awe and disappointment that I’d never see it again. The inside was filled with hundreds of people squeezing past each other, with their skin glowing unnatural colors.

We had a man ask for a lighter, then challenge Alex to a rock paper scissors competition. Road closed signs, crunching leaves, bright lights, and the sound of a thousand people talking at once. Not being able to find any of the events from all the crowds, and finding some that you weren’t expecting to. A shout, a car trying to get through, a costume.

#24 Neon Graveyard
#1 Red, Green and Blue
#48 Forging by Night Cloverdale Forge


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