Wolseley Walks (Thinking of Summer), Winnipeg Manitoba

Our neighbourhood is perfect for nighttime walks. We run into people doing their evening fitness happily on the same road as a man skateboarding alone singing wonderwall to himself (and to all of us?).

how the trees limbs stretch like arms ready to pull you into an embrace.

I love going for walks, I feel like the activity gets my brain moving. You can really stop to admire the world when your’re walking.

Cats all have their own territories and will stop walking if they know it’s another feline’s land.

Alex and I walk around and chat about whatever happens to be funny that day. I point out all of the details of everything in the world, and he reminds me about the big picture.

Going for walks, big ideas small ideas.

I’m thinking of summer today as the leaves are dropping like gold leaf from the sky. These photos bring me back to the sticky heat with the cool breeze of august.


  1. These pictures are terrific! I am not from Winnipeg but I lived there this past summer, nowhere near Wolseley but someone happened to drive me through it and I fell HARD. I spent much of the summer walking around this really wonderful place and these pictures take me back there.


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