Ice Castle: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is a freaking cold city. It regularly reaches -30c to -40c (-22 to -40f) with the windchill in January and February, and the occasional cold snap in December or March. The people from Winnipeg are so nonchalant about the cold. Sure people complain about
it, but in the way that people complain about traffic or parking… It’s just one of those things.

On the east coast when it hits that temperature people don’t even know what to do. School may be cancelled (and recess definitely is)! When I moved here, I had to ask why there were plugs in the parking lots? Clearly, everyone thought it was hilarious that I had never heard of a block heater.

Winnipeg leans into the cold. There are so many highly aniticipated winter activities for an absolutely frigid city- perhaps more so than in warmer parts of Canada. You see people biking in all weather!

This brings me to the Ice Castle at the forks. It’s just incredible how alive the city is when it creeps up to just below zero. I was imagining a smooth, polished looking palace but instead I was met with an incredible rough natural looking ice ravine in the middle of the city. Icicles create rooms, and slowly drip in the strangely warm weather.

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