Festival Du Voyageur: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Seas of people walk quickly in the cold, puffs of condensed breath coming from the tops of their heads. Caribou and beers in hand, trying to find the tent and band you wanted to
see (or find somewhere warm to defrost).

Snow sculptures tower (or depending on the year, begin to melt). ATVs drive through the grounds shining bright light on the pink and green faces.

The burst of heat going into a tent, with twinkle lights above, with cedar chips and caribou drips underfoot. Using a porta-potty in winter with no light inside. Hand sanitizer is slush.

The music! Winnipeg has such a stunning music scene. Atlaas’ wistful snyth sound and fantastic fashion (“Barf” shirt alongside a 60s mod guitar player, and a bell bottom and halter top wearing bassist). Windigo were a happy accident to see, and their lighthearted tight set was fun to dance to, their guitarist sipping a caribou without knowing what it was (another convert)

The afterparty brought down the house- Attica Riots and their upbeat party rock sound, the beautiful synth distortion of ROYAL CANOE (we always get tickets when they’re in town), and the energy of 3Peat tangling all of their mic cords and creating blurry photos. A blur of passion. Three incredible bands, three incredible sets.

I’ve only been in Winnipeg for 3 years. There is still so much to discover in a town with an unnecessary reputation for being boring.

Attica Riots
Royal Canoe

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