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I have had this book for my Heartbreak Objects series for a long time. It was the first donated object I had received, and it was a heavy one.

In his early 30s he had the realization that he was bisexual, and his family was not accepting of his sexual identity. His niece (who was in her 20s) gave him her book as a token of acceptance. Shortly thereafter, she was killed in a car accident.

I had previously made a piece in this series about the sexuality aspect of this heartbreak object, and I set out to create a piece to tackle the second layer in the object: the grief of losing his niece.

This piece became part of a trio of work called It Washes Over. The paper became a shell, a blanket, a covering nearly obscuring a life-size human form underneath. Grief changes us, it immobilizes us. Everything stops.

Some people never come out from under, and some people transform.

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