Mega Flora: How to Make the Flower Dome

This hat was SO MUCH FUN to make and to wear. I wore it to Mega Flora, Art City’s fundraiser. As an aside, Mega Flora was AWESOME, and I wasn’t even close to the most dressed up person (my main concern in the hours leading up).

There was a photo booth, great drinks, a craft table, food trucks and flowers everywhere. Begonia was the surprise musical act, with a giant flower headdress and glitter black eyes.

This hat was actually super easy to make. It takes 4 hours, but it’s super easy.

– fake flowers
– hat
– sharp scissors
– wire cutters
– hot glue gun
– Pliers (optional)

First you need to buy a crazy amount of fake flowers with WIRE stems that are easily bent. I bought mine at the dollar store… I spent 30$on them at the dollar store, if that gives you an idea of volume. I got ones that are really wide, and had multiple blooms on the same stem. Mine looked REALLY cheap before the hat was done. I bought two or three more expensive beautiful fake blooms for the sides and top.

Cut all of the flower stems to be about the same length with wire cutters. They don’t have to be perfect, just get them close. If there are leaves on the flowers, leave them on – Especially if they slide up and down.

Cut the peak off of the hat. I bought a breathable mesh hat from the dollar store. Hot glue the adjustable tab down so it fits your head and will not come undone anymore. Place the hat on something to fill it out so you can work with it. I used a bowl from my kitchen- stuffing it with tissue paper, or a hat form would work great!

Twist the flower stem into a loop at the bottom using your hands or piers, and then twist it 90 degrees so the loop is sticking out at a right angle from the step.

Put hot glue on the loop and stick the loop to the hat starting with the bottom edge. When the entire bottom edge is done, slide the leaves from those flowers downward so they are covering the hat. Hot glue the leaves down.

Once the bottom edge is done, continue the above steps on the rest of the hat. The highest density will need to go on the bottom edge, and fill the tops and sides until they look full.

Continue to do this for approx 4 hours, until the hat is complete!


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