An Emerging Green Thumb

When I was a kid, I loathed gardening. I grew up in a rural area of Prince Edward Island and my parents are really into maintaining their four big gardens full of vegetables. As a kid, my take on gardening was having to weed gardens, shovel top soil and make relish
and pickles that I didn’t even LIKE!

I graduated from high school and immediately moved to a city. Nine years later, I still live in a city. The longer I live in a very cold place, the more I cherish the summer and warm weather. I’ve gotten into gardening over the last few years on the balcony in my apartment, and I grow a few herbs, vegetables, and flowers. I grow pots and pots of marigolds every year to deadhead and dry so I can make a yellow dye for yarn in the autumn.

Sinking into the warmer weather.

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