Lakefront Sunset and People Watching: St Malo Provincial Park, Mantoba

I love camping. I grew up rurally in Prince Edward Island, Canada. While I’m definitely a city mouse, I miss the stars and the slower way of life. Your biggest activity of the day is
making meals, walking to the beach, and preparing for rain. A way to uncharge and reconnect with each other, and our environment.

We got out of the city for Canada Day and didn’t want a big drive, and wanted the campground to have amenities because we prepared quickly for the trip. Camping attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life, and there is nowhere better to people-watch. We were initially disappointed by the cloudier weather, but the sky paid us back in these lakeside views.

There were two couples camping nearby us, and their kids moved as a pack through the campground collecting more children. The people across from us had built a tarp village, and the matriarchy of the family had a vicious chihuahua named Titan and a boxer who was terrified of other dogs.

Glimpses of other lives.

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