Thomas Cove: Economy, Nova Scotia

The ocean is powerful. It transforms anything that touches it.
To allow our experiences to change us requires tremendous vulnerability
Change is something that you must look for and change is something that we must accept
How do you design a life that embraces flux and change without sacrificing continuity?
How do you ensure you’re growing with the people you love?
Is there greater danger in outgrowing yourself or in convincing yourself that you’re still the same?
Sometimes changes are so small they’re imperceivable until observed as a collective over time.
Life has been a torrent of transition lately. Or I guess for a while
While I am thankful for all the changes and opportunities, sometimes it can feel like being in the woods without a compass.
I try to think of it as a ‘choose your own adventure’ , and like all adventures the exhilarating ups are countered by the terrifying downs.
You can’t control how events will change you, just that they will change you.

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