White Rabbit Residency: Economy, Nova Scotia

Some places have a magic inside of them. Does a place create magic or is it the people that inhabit it? How do spaces and places attract certain people? How can we create passionate spaces? Kind spaces?

Some experiences feel warm, welcoming. complete. White Rabbit Residency welcomes you in like a warm bath. Sleeping in an apple orchard with chickens to my right and bee hives to my left.

Two ponds sit on the property, leeches in both. The residency coordinator was trying to get over her fear of leeches by catching them in jars and letting them feed off of her, unintentionally creating a theme and obsession for all of the artists in residence.

There is a radio station for everyone to take turns DJing or hosting radio shows like “the witching hour” or live dungeons and dragons.

The Bay of Fundy is across the street. Every day I would eat food made in the outdoor kitchen and walk twenty minutes to the beach carrying a backpack filled with wool, observing the tides moving in and out.

Late night conversations with the radio playing in an outdoor bar, a dance party in the background.

There are too many little things to name, but so many to appreciate.

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