It Washes Through

It Washes Through
Handspun wool, linen, nylon

We have routines and rhythms to our lives that are affected by our upbringing, our jobs, our partners and friends, our health. These rhythms can help us to grow and flourish when they’re nourishing. They can also create toxic patterns that we repeat because they’re familiar and comfortable. A cactus has adapted to a sparse, impoverished environment, and more water will not help it thrive. You can’t control how events will change you, just that events will change you. I’ve been making work about grief, trauma and closure, but really I’ve been making work about change. Changes shock us, they rattle us. Loss is change. We don’t always know how to deal with these changes.

It Washes Through is a 4 Metre (12 Ft) weaving created on the shore of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world, and these tides shape and change everything that they touch. They create the landscape without planning, without anticipating a final result. As the tide comes in the weaving is swept into the Bay of Fundy undulating from the powerful force of the water. Changed by time and environment. Not new, but different.

Attending White Rabbit Residency was made possible from generous support from Manitoba Arts Council. 

What a gift to have 10 days to weave on the shore. What a gift to have the help to document my work in the ocean. What a gift to have my days revolve around the massive tides, and to go from a beach to a stripped shore before my eyes.I spun the wool in Winnipeg and at my time in Flin Flon. I cut the yarn in lengths, wrapping around tables for specific lengths. Every day, I walked 1.5 km to the beach, weaving with a back-strap tablet weaving system at the shore, watching the tide move in and out. The weaving grew longer and longer, I usually sat on it to hold the tension, as the length builds quickly. The other residents were nervous about me ruining the pristine cream yarn, or it washing away because my tether broke in the water. That’s okay, it is about surrendering.

I created an outdoor viewing area for visitors to watch the video of It Washes Through in the forest.

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