It Washes Through

We have routines and rhythms to our lives that are affected by our upbringing, our jobs, our partners and friends, our health. These rhythms can help us to grow and flourish when they’re nourishing. They can also create toxic patterns that we repeat because they’re familiar and comfortable. A cactus has adapted to a sparse, impoverished environment, and more water will not help it thrive.

As I’ve been working on The Process of Closure and It Washes Over something that has struck me is the patterns of participants with these experiences, and the growth that comes from letting go of the object and starting a new pattern; a new tide in their lives. Through embarking on this project with my own objects and working collaboratively with others, I began a journey that would result in change, without knowing what that change will be. 

It Washes Through is a 4 Metre (12 Ft) weaving created on the shore of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world, and these tides shape and change everything that they touch. They create the landscape without planning, without anticipating a final result.

Attending White Rabbit Residency was made possible from generous support from Manitoba Arts Council. 

It Washes Through

As the tide comes in the weaving is swept into the Bay of Fundy undulating from the powerful force of the water. Changed by time and environment. Not new, but different.
Handspun Wool, Linen, Nylon. 2018
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