Module Shapes Research

OK so I was at a meeting where they made these paper Christmas ornaments. I was really into them and made about 10 during the meeting, and realized they made really interesting shaped modules that fit into each other.

I am making some larger ones out of paper by simply scaling up the small one I had. It was an isosceles triangle by error, but I liked the asymmetry. I made the two sides a bit longer when scaling up to lean into it.

I don’t have any glue so I made wheat paste in the kitchen. It works well with how toothy the paper is. I made a pattern and traced it onto a piece of paper, and cut out several at once with a utility knife. When they were all cut out, I folded and used the wheat paste to seal them all.

(at this point I took a bath and made supper, and the sun went down)

I started to build, and discovered that scotch tape does NOT hold them together after building a small structure and all the tape let go. I tried cutting small pieces of cheap fridge magnets and affixing them, but I think I need to get stronger magnets and glue them in the centre of each shape. I don’t want to use wheat paste so I can rebuild whenever I want.

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