Maps of Transition

Are our personalities just a collection of our routines? Are our personalities ingrained? Do we perform them? We could find little bits and pieces in other people and sew them into ourselves.

Maps of transition are reflections on personality, growth, life, lives and changes. Many of the narratives we tell about ourselves are the aspects of our lives that have had continuity and ongoing relevance. How many aspects of our personalities have faded away but left a deep fingerprint?

Maps of Transition: Feeling Alien/Apart From

Cotton thread, Acrylic Ink, canvas. 2019

I Don’t Want to Talk About It

Cotton Thread, Acrylic Paint, Canvas. 2018

Maps of Transition: Body and Mind Are Not Seperate

Cotton Thread on Canvas. 2018

Life Mapping: Reflections of a Hometown

Cotton on Canvas, Madder Root, Guache. 2018

A Personality in Transition: Routines in a Decade of Young Adulthood

Graphite on Paper. 2018

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