The Textility of Trauma

In October 2019 I had the privilege of co-presenting the paper The Textility of Trauma at the University Art Association Conference in Quebec City, QC.

“Katrina Craig and Jolee Smith will give a joint presentation on their independent creative practices, which both deal with hybrid text and textile methodologies in relation to trauma. In her studio practice, Katrina repurposes written text as the material for her textiles work, whereas Jolee has been drawing on the techniques of textile practices as an approach to writing text. The movement between text and textile will be a theme throughout the presentation, as we interlace mediums and disciplines. We will position the aforementioned creative methodologies within trauma studies, literary theory, critical craft studies, and women’s histories. By drawing on these discourses and our own material practices, we propose that weaving text and textile practices offers a unique potential in its ability to aid the maker in processing trauma.”

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