Indoor Sanctuary

So the plants just keep getting bigger and bigger, and the light they need keeps expanding.

Our new house is close to the homes beside it, so the side windows get very little light. It’s long and narrow, back windows facing northwest, and the front window facing southeast. Southeast, but with a sunroom blocking it.

My parents got me a pendent grow light for the holidays, which allowed me to create THIS little forest in our home. It’s to the left of the southeast window, so as the longer days come, the plants are growing really quickly and bursting. There is some science to how you arrange them, based on how far away both horizontally and vertically from the light in relation to their light needs. I’m not an expert on this at all- I am still definitely learning.

The cacti and succulents are in the north west window for now (I know, not ideal) until it warms up a bit more, then they will go in the searingly hot and bright sunroom for a few months. Then in a blink of an eye, it will be winter again.

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