Sprouts and Sunrooms

Our sunroom is south facing, and none of the windows open. I scraped the sunroom, primed and repainted the frames, ceiling and walls to cover up some old water damage. This place needs a replacement in the future, so I painted the walls a deep purple, to cover up some texture. I added the long sheer curtains so we can cut some of the heat in the summer and to give us some privacy with all the windows.

I’m a plant person, and I wanted to take advantage of this greenhouse style room. None of the windows open, and it’s uninsulated. I put narrow shelves midway up the windows, because the sunroom is a busy room and I didn’t want them to get knocked over by a passing bike, grocery bags, or my hips.

This is the first year I’ve ever been able to have a proper in-ground garden, and OH BY am I excited. I have started a ton of seeds, a mix of vegetables and flowers, and am excited for tending to them over the next few months.

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