Lawn to Garden, Early Stages

Some process photos of the first few stages of front lawn-to garden-transition. There were already two beds in front of the house, and the two freestanding boxes when we moved in. I removed the sod, dug out the front beds, and made the wooden edging, staining it to match the boxes. I dug out the corners and put the edging in place.

The cardboard, dirt, hay and gravel was put into place to kill the grass so we can put in clover as the new ground cover (eventually). This year I’m mostly planting root veggies, so the vines will help keep the smothering layer in place, and our unfinished “root cellar” basement can store them. Lots of potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkins and sweet potato. There are carrots and parsnips growing in the back where the light is lower.

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